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  1. We just recevied our confirmation for 11/08/08 from Paola! Lagen, where did you get pictures of wedding sites at Riu Palace?
  2. 11 months and 11 days till our day! Our wedding date is confirmed (no depsoit taken yet though!) It will be November 8th, 2008 at the Riu Palace Los Cabos! Daniela Ocampo is our wedding coordinator. Any advice will be greatly needed as we start the planning of our wedding. Thank you all for making this forum such a great source of information! Elaine and Rich ps: 08.08.08 and 11.08.08 were not available at Dreams
  3. Tammy - thank you for posting those great pictures! How was the weather and at what time did the ceremony start?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by MorganShae Elaine -- I was just at RIU in August (he proposed on the beach there) so I took tons of pictures and can answer any of your questions. I would love to see those pictures if you have them to show!
  5. Your family's interests are much like some of my family's! However, alot of my family we talked to about a destination wedding with yesterday, are more "sticker shocked" by the possible price of a destination wedding!?!?!?!? Speaking of casino's, wish Rich good luck this weekend in vegas! Profits may go to paying for these "sticker shocked" to go to our wedding, hahahah! Is anyone else going to be in Vegas this weekend?
  6. Thank you again, for the feedback. Just from pictures alone, I love the gazebo wedding site at Dreams!!! sigh ~ what to do, what to do!?!?! I'm waiting to hear back from both resorts for a confirmation on our date. I'm pretty sure we will not be able to have 08.08.08, so we're shooting for a later date now... BTW Happy holidays everyone!
  7. I think we're leaning towards the RIU. Main reason being that we want our guests to be able to "party" at night within the resort. The appeal of the Dreams has us a bit on the fence. Any other comments or suggestions to help us decide would be very much appreciated! Great feedback found on this thread
  8. Leia - please keep us posted as to what solution you find. This is a question we've asked many of our friends, but have yet to find any definite solution. thanks elaine&rich
  9. Yes finding 08.08.08 at the RIU Cabo may not pan out! I've completed the request form for Dreams. For now, we're keeping our fingers crossed! Any help locking in that date at Dreams or RIU (or any other similar resorts in that area!) would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Amanda thanks for your replies! Tammy thanks for finding the "Dreams or RIU?" link; just what I was looking for!
  11. I could not find a thread about the differences between the Dreams and Riu out there. Is one graded higher than the other in areas such as: wedding sites, service, room quality, activities, spa, food, staff, experience, etc?
  12. Thanks for the pics! They only affirm how much more a destination wedding feels right! How many days were you there for your site vist? Did Dreams offer any sort of discount since you were there for a "site visit?"
  13. We so love forums; they are so valuable! Thank you for the welcome!
  14. 1. Elaine & Rich 2. 08.08.08 3. Cabo - possibly Riu or Dreams With the target being 08.08.08 (only approximately 8 months from now), we would appreciate any ideas or suggested links to threads that anyone has to share. We've never even helped planned anyone else's wedding so basically we have zero experience regarding this. More specifically, topics regarding the following: 1) travel agents 2) planning tips for family/friends coming from different locations 3) obstacles to avoid 4) oversights 5) paperwork needed Thanks!
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