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  1. Their peak season is July-September, very hot and humid.
  2. Tammy1958

    My wedding pictures

    Thank you! The weather was sunny, a little humid and hot but it beats the cold:) The wedding ceremony was originally scheduled for 1:00 pm but we changed it to 5:00pm because it was so hot
  3. Tammy1958

    Hey everyone! New here!!

    Have fun!
  4. Tammy1958

    My wedding pictures

    Did Jerome take your wedding photographs or did you have someone else take them? Can I see your photos? Thanks!
  5. Tammy1958

    My wedding pictures

    That is very cool! How was the new wedding coordinator? I really loved Adriana. It is a shame she left.
  6. Tammy1958

    Tipping Etiquette?

    I tipped the Wedding Coordinator but did not tip the Judge. I also tipped the waiters who served everyone at our reception. I guess it is a matter of who you feel most deserved to be tipped. Tammy
  7. Tammy1958

    My wedding pictures

    How bizzare that you were there when I was getting married. What day was your wedding?
  8. Tammy1958

    Riu Cabo question

    I was married at the RIU Cabo on Sept 29th and the designated photographer was Jerome. He did a fabulous job. He was only supposed to be with us an hour per RIU policy but actually stayed with us 2 hours. He is french and very cute:) Check out some of my photos: Image of My man! - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Hope this helps! Tammy
  9. Tammy1958

    My wedding pictures

    I believe the sun sets around 7 or 7:30pm if I recall, I visited the RIU in May of 2006. It does get hot in the afternoon so I think 4pm is perfect! They do a wonderful job with their weddings, trust me, far beyond my expectations!
  10. Tammy1958

    Riu Cabo question

    Sorry, yes it over looks the ocean. They do a beautiful job with weddings at the RIU!
  11. Tammy1958

    Riu Cabo question

    Yes, that is the gazebo. It is very private, located behind the Mexican restaurant. Unfortunately we did not get upgraded to a suite although we tried really hard. After changing our room about 4 times we finally ended up with an ok room. I was not happy about it either. We booked a year in advance
  12. Tammy1958

    Riu Cabo question

    I got married at the RIU if you have any questions. Here is a link for my wedding slideshow. Image of My man! - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
  13. Tammy1958

    Happy Birthday Tammy (host)!!!

    A very Happy Birthday, Tammy!!!!
  14. Thank you, I like how the photographer did each and everyone of our pictures:) My wedding band has a total of 3 carats. I am not sure how big each diamond is:) Thanks for all your compliments:)