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Newly Engaged And Considering To Book At Now Jade Cancun

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Hello everyone!!


My name is Kassie and i am newly engaged and seeking help from anyone who has ever booked their wedding at NOW Jade or at a destination that i should be aware of hidden costs. I am seriously considering hitting the 'go' button and confirming our date, however the room rates that we received just seem OUTRAGEOUS... it comes to like a $20 discount per room per night, which to me is not a discount.


We are considering a February date in 2017, which would be great timing for us but i want to make it affordable for our guests or ill end up pitching in for their stay (because i wouldnt want them to spend a fortune). 


Also, what are some of things i need to be made aware of when booking and confirming everything. i keep reading that the resorts nickle and dime you for extra on this and that, so im trying to make sure i get everything figured in to the cost. 


Any help, suggestions, ideas, be-forewarned--all info is welcome :).


thanks so much :)

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@@Kass11Craig, Congrats on your engagement. if you already found a location or resort that jams with your style then you have made a big progress.


Let me tell you , February is considered a peak/high season so there are not that big discounts. have you considered an off peak season or month like anything from Aug- Nov usually you can get affordable rates.


I dont believe the resort nickle and dime people. its only because people or brides are not properly informed on what is covered in a package and what would be considered extras you would need to pay for.  just because its an inclusive resort it doesnt mean everything is included.  


I have actually created a service I offer to bride, where we talk all these into more details to help you get started. you can also see this post from one bride recently posted.



Happy Planning!


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@@Kass11Craig I was married at Now Sapphire in April, so I can't speak specifically to Now Jade, but I believe the resorts are similar in terms of their costs, what's included, etc. Make sure you check out the Now Jade thread on this forum, if you haven't already. 


@@dreamweddings is correct in some respects - it is often that brides simply don't understand what's included in the wedding packages. But it's little things that you would never expect to pay for, and that aren't clearly outlined unless you really read closely, that can be pretty surprising and can make it feel like you are being nickeled and dimed. 


Some examples from Now Sapphire:

  • $5 for each ceremony chair over the 25 included in the package
  • $100 to string lights around poles that I brought myself 
  • $100 to put out the vases, candles, etc. I brought
  • If you want to string lights across the reception area, you need to rent (or bring) lights - but also the poles that must be installed in order to string them (I didn't end up doing this, so not sure of the cost)
  • $15 per person over the 25 included in the package for the open bar at the cocktail hour
  • $5 per person over the 25 included in the package for the champagne (sparkling wine) toast

It can seem ridiculous, especially because it's an all-inclusive resort. You think "why am I paying for booze when my guests paid to be at the resort"? But if you think about it, a lot of it makes sense. Your guests did not pay for private service, nor did they pay for a special meal to be prepared for them, etc.. And when it comes to service fees for decor set-up, etc., again there is labor involved in setting up those chairs or stringing those lights.


But it can add up and you can feel pretty frustrated with it. I would recommend reaching out to your WC early (if you can - some resorts don't put you in touch with your WC until a few months before your wedding) to get a good understanding of all the extra charges. While I was surprised from time-to-time during the planning process, I was not surprised when I got to resort and paid for my wedding. Ask lots of questions and get it in writing. Also, note that most resorts do have a lot of extra charges - Now Sapphire and Now Jade are not alone in this. 

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Welcome to the forum Kassie, and Congrats on your 2017 Now Jade wedding!!! You're sure to find lots of great info here to help with your questions.


We can confirm the Now Jade is a gorgeous wedding venue, and can show you what kind of backdrop it provides for your wedding photos.

Here are some magical wedding moments that matter we captured at Now Jade Weddings  - for inspiration...enjoy!








Wishing you happy research and all the best with your plans - cheers!!! Moments That Matter Photography team :)

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@@Kass11Craig Welcome to our amazing community here at BDW!! We hope you find the plethora of resources informational and of assistance!

We can agree with what @@vancouverpetunia had to say regarding the nickel and diming of resorts, and the overall additional fees that may be added to packages you're looking at, be it at Now Jade, Now Sapphire, or any other resorts along the Riviera Maya strip. The labour is certainly a deciding factor when it comes to additional costs, and should be seen as such. Just be sure to always ask for information in writing, as that will always be your reference point when discussing what is/isn't available.


I am including a handful of photos from our time at Now Sapphire, as we absolutely ADORE working at that resort alongside the wedding coordinator Juan Carlos. I can only hope, and feel certain that I am not mistaken, that Now Jade has their own wedding coordinator and subsequent employees who match Juan Carlos' exuberant style and personality.

If you have any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to ask us here, send a PM or an email to info@.com

Jasmin & Matt


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Kassie ~ 


When looking at hotels look into all inclusive resorts. Also, take a look at what hotels are near (meaning walkable distance) for guests that are a bit lower end hotel. This way you can snuggle away at the hotel you are getting married at and the guests will enjoy being together close yet away. You get the best of both worlds by looking at a lower budget and still get the Wedding of your Heart at the Hotel you wish. 


Hope this Assists you! 

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