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Deecol's Planning Thread - Gbp - April 30Th, 2016

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I'm disgusted by your best friends ex. What a pig! Lets leave that at that and focus on YOUR wedding. Here you can talk about your wedding as much as you'd like and don't have to worry about upsetting your best friend because she hopefully won't see it :) This is your safe space!


Ps. My heart breaks for her.


Can't wait to see all your in progress projects!


Please share your grooms gift when you think of one. I want to do something special too but I have no idea either. I would love to gift something he could use day off...like a watch...but Mike never wears the ones he has. Would Col wear a chain or a watch?


The heart shaped vases are adorable and go with your table numbers well. Amazing the Col started the work on them too :) Florals look great! Yay for Michaels and their coupons. 50% off one item this week if you need anything else.


Your sandals are great. I think you're smart wearing flats. So comfortable! Are you wear them for both ceremony and reception?


Look at you go! Everything looks great.

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Revamping the certificate to allow your witnesses to sign as well is a great idea - do you have a copy of the certificate by chance? I'd like to do the same for mine! Just have no idea what it even looks like!


Even for symbolics they get you to sign a symbolic certificate :) that said, they revamped mine so my witnesses could sign (ie not look symbolic) and it was super quick. But my ceremony wasn't legal so more may be entailed ie - the finger printing on the document. I think 1 is probably safe but pick 2 to cover your bases. I'm sure the WC could tell you as well!!!

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@@amanda88 we're having a legal ceremony so unfortunately I don't have a "certificate" for the symbolic ceremony, as I imagine we will all be signing a real one (I hope! Lol)

I'm sure one of the ladies on here has one! This site has everything!



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The list is dwindling a bit! Looks like you've been chipping away which is amazing considering all of the things that you've been facing lately with your bestie. These next few weeks will definitely be a bit crazy, but it will all be worth it.

Really loving those little premade floral bunches from Michaels! What a great find!! :) Super cute in the vases with the table numbers. 

Everything is going to look fantastic :D Can't wait to see it all together. I do agree about the photography.. $350USD is SO expensive and just to add 20 more photos? definitely crazy. You will have so many nice photos from your special day and not to mention all of your guest photos as well. You will have tons of memories to look back on.

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@vancouverpetunia @@calgarybride2015 @@cruisebride2016 @@ashhtayy I know - what a super jerk, my heart breaks for her.


@@calgarybride2015 Thank you :) exactly what I was thinking about the sandals, they are cute enough and will be hidden under my big dress anyway.  You read it correctly, we aren't doing a guestbook, I can't imagine what I would do with a book after everyone signs it, I would never open it again.  And I know there are so many cute ideas that don't have to be a book, some of the girls on here have done amazing things, we just both agreed we don't need one.  Like I said though, if something comes along that blows my mind and I can't stop thinking about, I could go back on my decision.


@@cruisebride2016 Thanks!!! I love the vases too!  And am so happy they go so well with my table numbers!  Great call on the sandals - great minds  ;)


@@ashhtayy Thank you for saying that - I feel so guilty about being so excited and still doing all this planning while she is so devastated... I will just have to continue not speaking about it and supporting her, but planning at the same time.

I will def share anything I think of for a Groom's gift, please do the same for me!  I bought Col a watch for Christmas a couple years ago that he only wears when he dresses up.  I did today think of if the guys are playing golf the morning of the wedding day that I could pay for him in secret and give his best man a golf ball from me and write a little message or something, I messaged his best man to see if they are planning that at all.

Oh trust me, I was all over that Michael's sale - I took 2 of my coworkers on our lunch and we bought 3 of the vases at 50% off lol.  I'm so happy the hearts go with the tables numbers, I didn't even think of it because I didn't think I would find vases like that!

I am planning to only wear sandals for the reception, the ceremony is on the beach and I'm planning to go barefoot with the foot jewellery my Mom ordered for me.

I'm pushing through!  i want to get through my list and to a point where I have nothing to do and can relax but I highly doubt that will happen! LOL


@ Thank you!!! You have been so supportive these past few weeks and thank you so much for lending your ear!  Aren't those bunches just perfect?  The coral flower is a bit more orange than I wanted but when it's all together I love how it looks, and we have all different shades of pink/coral so it all works out.  Thank you for agreeing about the photography, I didn't want to sound like I was skimping out my wedding day photos, but I couldn't justify it.


46 DAYS!  and 39 days until we're in Mexico!!!!


Col JUST messaged me and said his Mom agrees to have a dance!  I was hoping she would!  She can be a bit shy so he wasn't sure if she would want to - looks like we need to find another song!  :)

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We did post cards and honestly I've read them numerous times since we got married. I think you should consider it :) such a great memory but that's just me :)



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@@deecol - I'm so happy you directed me to your planning thread to check out your centerpieces. I had no idea that these planning blogs even existed, but yours is SO helpful! I've enjoyed reading your story/experiences to date and look forward to reading the remainder until your wedding day!

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@@amanda88 thank you! Everyone on this forum is so helpful and full of so many great ideas I could only hope that I was able to help someone as well! I will be sure to keep updating as I go :)



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41 Days until we say I DO!  34 until Mexico!


It's been an emotional, stressful week... my best friend is no longer in my wedding party.  She is not in the right frame of mind to be thinking about whether or not she would be able to handle coming to Mexico let alone being a bridesmaid and walking down the aisle when she was supposed to be getting married 4 weeks before, of course totally understandable.  When we did speak about it (only when she brought it up, I didn't want to push) I really nicely asked her to let me know as soon as she can because she is on my wedding application as a witness for my legal ceremony and I would need to have her dress altered to fit someone else in 5 weeks.  My travel agent called her to get her ex-fiancé's contact info because he was definitely cancelling and she advised my TA that she was "considering" cancelling as well.  I asked her about it as it was news to me, again told her I totally understood if she did cancel and she told me to find someone else, because that's what is important to me right now (couldn't believe she said that) and the dress is at her mom's for me to pick up.  I contacted her mom and made arrangements to pick up the dress, a couple of hours later her mom texted me and asked me for the veil she lent me back... I was more hurt than anything as I've known them since I was 6 years old and she had now taken the veil back 5 weeks before I leave for Mexico... I became the enemy to them and I don't know how.  My friend then cancelled her trip the next day, I found out by being CC'd in the reply to her from my travel agent... I dropped off the veil the following day, picked up the dress and sent her a message letting her know I loved her and am here for her... she replied the next day saying that I made her do it and I made the decision... I've left it at that and I genuinely wish her the best.  I can't emphasize enough how devastated and heartbroken I am for her.  I know it will get better for her, and I hope when it does and she starts to see some clarity after what she's been through that she will see that I wasn't the bad guy... Sorry for the novel, that was the shorter version.




Onto happier news... I have 3 girlfriends who I couldn't choose between and they were all a bit hurt they weren't bridesmaids in the first place.  I messaged all 3 at once in our group chat and told them I need a huge favour, couldn't choose between them and asked if one of them would do me the honour of standing with me on my wedding day.  They were all so happy and said they would all love to, but in the end they all agreed on one of my girlfriends who I had a feeling it would be and we both couldn't be happier about it, it just feels right.  We are having the dress altered to fit her, and she is soooo excited!



Few more things crossed off the list:



· Dress alterations (corset added)

· Chose processional, father-daughter dance, first dance (will post when the rest are chosen)

· Picked up beach bags from Total Advantage

· Cake Topper

· Passport renewed (I was a couple weeks shy of the 6 month validity period)

· Bridal Party gifts *Need to get another bridesmaid gift

· Groomsmens suits sent back with Colin's Mom to England for the guys to have altered

· Wedding wishes and marriage application sent to WC

· Downloaded Wedding DJ App and WedPics App

· Confirmed reception details with WC - dinner from 6-9pm at the Hibiscus Pool, extend until 11pm

· Made nail, pedi, & waxing appointments for the Thursday and Friday before we leave - we leave on a Saturday morning

To Do:

· Receive the remaining 40 beach bags and waterproof phone cases - My girlfriend confirmed that the bags are arriving next week, still waiting on the phone cases, should arrive by April 1st

· Colin's suit alterations, picking up his altered suit this weekend along with a dress shirt We picked up the suit, he now decided he wants to have the vest taken in a little more (worse than me I tell ya  :P )

· Card Box/Cage – I found the box I want to use, need to turn it into a “card box” Done.  Pic below.

· Find cheap paper fans for chairs at ceremony May not as the ceremony is so short... 

· Engrave Col's wedding band, and see if they could do mine (might be too thin?) - still need to go to engravers

· Choose recessional song & document signing songs (2) and the rest of the dinner/reception playlist and download to app - We are having a joint Father/Daughter - Mother/Son dance and chose our song:

  • Bridal Party Entrance:  “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  • Bride Entrance: “A Thousand Years” – Christina Perri
  • Document Signing:  “Marry You” – Bruno Mars & “I Do” – Colbie Caillat
  • Recessional: (this was all Col and I love it!):  “Higher & Higher” – Jackie Wilson
  • First Dance:  “Thinking Out Loud” – Ed Sheeran
  • Joint Father/Daughter - Mother/Son Dance: Have I told you lately - Rod Stewart

· Exchange currency, the dollar has been creeping up slowly so we might start now

· Finish welcome letter, I spy and signage for beach, I want to have a sign that says "Choose a Seat Not a Side" or something along those lines, but worry about where to put it... this is TBD.  I worked the "weekly itinerary" text into the welcome letter, I'll post a photo once these are finished 

· Buy a selfie stick for the go-pro, an external iPhone charger, and batteries for the walkie talkies Col has from his Lake Louise snowboarding days, I think the wi-fi situation there is primarily in the lobby and only for an hour so these will really come in handy, especially on the wedding day so we don't bump into each other

· Confirm photo package with the photography company one month before.- Confirm package this week

· Paint our table numbers 

· Make a binder of correspondence with the resort

· Ring box/bag Done. Pic below.

· Timeline:

· MC Script - Done.  Need to write out.

· Thank you speeches

· Seating Chart – Even though it's done, it will definitely be a last minute thing with all the changes, something that is finalized in the last week

· Shopping with my sister this weekend:

  • Buy a second white dress to change into during the reception if I get uncomfortable
  • Outfit for the bachelorette
  • A blue garter - we're not doing a bouquet toss or the garter thing but I wanted to wear one anyway, and some lingerie
  • Buy chicken cutlet/sticky boob things (I'm sure I nailed the terminology) for my dress
  • Clothes for dinners etc

· Figure out vase situation for the centrepeices - I've asked the WC to send a picture of what they were going to rent us, we may just buy 3 more from the dollar store and bring those

· Send out email to guests regarding wedding day attire 

· Hair Trial – scheduled for Mar 29, & Final hair dye scheduled for Apr 19

· Book eyelash extension appt

· Continue tanning, started the week before my shower and starting again this week – started tanning again, only once a week, I tend to get dark really fast

· Ties Got Today.  Pic below.


Ties!  I'm so happy with these and think the guys will look amazing!



Card Box.  It's a storage box I got from Michael's, I cut out cardboard hearts and we spray painted them using the same paint from the table numbers.  We will tie the ends when we get to Mexico.  The box can double as storage and help with packing the smaller things.



Ring Box.  It's really simple in comparison to some of the other ladies, we just spray painted the lid of the white ring box my engagement ring came in silver with the same paint we used for the numbers and card box hearts.



NEW to-dos (I seem to always be adding something):

  • Get bridesmaid gift for my new bridesmaid
  • Write packing list
  • Get vaccines
  • Add the guests to the WedPics app that haven't downloaded it 1 week before we leave


A side note:  I'm finding the communication with my WC very difficult.  In my last email to her I've actually suggested that we just speak face to face when we get to the resort because of the miscommunication... I've sent her my new bridesmaid's information for the marriage application and asked her to confirm a rehearsal ceremony time and date.  I know everything will work out and be perfect  :)

Col is travelling for work to Cuba (Lucky guy) for 10 days so I imagine while I'm having a bunch of girls nights I will also be able to get a lot of the more boring stuff out of the way and download the music.

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You're getting so close to your big day!!!! I can't believe it is so soon!!! Very excited for you!


I'm sorry to hear about your friend and I'm sorry that she can't see that you didn't force her out of your wedding. Hopefully in time as she heals from her breakup she will see that you were there for her when she needed you. One of my initial bridesmaids felt like I forced her to back out of my wedding (which wasn't the case), I just needed to know if she was coming. Since then we've been able to talk about it and she now sees we were both just doing what we needed to do in that situation. I'm sorry to hear about the veil too. Do you still need a veil? I'm happy to lend mine out to you. Not sure if it is the style you're looking for though. I can send you pics if you're interested (but no pressure either way).  :)


It looks like you are really tackling that to do list!! Way to go! Your big day will be here before you know it! :D

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