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How Much Are Your Guests Paying?

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@@Cablelove11 We are all traveling from FL. We chose Now Jade, an AMResort because we always stay in one of their "adult only" properties when we travel to the Caribbean. We consider them "family".


Their packages are reasonably priced in my opinion. Starting at $2999 and includes 24 ppl.


Check them out!

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A little off topic, but I was wondering if you have put any thought into what you and your fiance plan on doing with the 'free 11th person' money? 

My fiance and I have 2 free people so far and we have very mixed feelings about what to do with the money. Our TA gave us a couple options, but none of them seems just right. At this point I am thinking about taking half of it and putting it towards one of our trips, and splitting the other one between the rest of the guests. I cant help but feel guilty for keeping it...any of it really...


The first free person is going towards paying for my grandmother to attend as we were paying for her anyways. If we reach a second we would probably have it pay for one of us since we are partially paying for my BIL as well so any bit helps!




Hey, can i ask who your travel agent is?!? I'm from TO as well & have just started looking for one. Thanks


Robert Townshend from Total Advantage Travel


His email is robert@totaladvantage.com


He's honestly fantastic, I feel like he got me a really great deal and definitely recommend him. He's really quick on replies too!

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