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  1. I skipped the STD and just went for the straight invitation (even way ahead of time)... but that was mainly because I had a deadline that guests needed to put their deposit down by so that they would take part in the payment plan I'll be sending "reminder - final payment due by *** " postcards though ^.^
  2. This is great advice! For my invitations, I looked up the weight allowed for 1 stamp and weighed the completed invitation using a digital kitchen scale before I sent them (to make sure). I didn't use a wax seal or anything but I did have passport invitations which has twine wrapped around the middle and a little charm and I still only needed 1 stamp (surprisingly... and barely LOL).
  3. I haven't worked with anyone personally but these are two of the popular wedding photographers I've heard about from other women who have had their weddings in varadero.... maybe they can travel to cayo coco? Alex (AV smiles) particular does phenomenal work. https://m.facebook.com/pages/Cuban-Wedding-photographer-and-videographer/205619149526632 https://m.facebook.com/ivan.botello
  4. Congrats! I've never been to PR but I have friends who have and they LOVED it. It's a shame you had to postpone your wedding but I'm happy that he is responding well to the treatments. Good luck in your planning!
  5. I love the starfish. I'm hoping I can find conchs and use those
  6. Brandii


    Hmm So basically not a good idea if windy.
  7. Brandii


    Hey ladies! I'm wondering if any of you have heard if we can release biodegrade lanterns in Cuba? I think they look amazing and it would be a great way to send off our wishes for the future.
  8. I feel like I'm getting so much better at food choices because of this app! Have any of you tried zucchini pasta with chicken? It's seriously amazing. I don't even eat real pasta anymore because of it... and talk about low in calories! Om nom nom
  9. I am! I've been using it for abut a month and lost just over 8 lbs (40 is my goal)
  10. I've never been but one of my bridesmaids went there for a trip and is forever talking about it lol. She said it was an amazing resort and she had the best experiences ever there. Good luck!!
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