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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! May you and your husband have many more years of happiness!
  2. Congratulations!!! This site has provided soooo much useful information and I wished that a lot of it were up to date so after I get married in May I plan to do the same thing so I can help ease the minds of future destination wedding brides!
  3. May 20th 2016 HRPC- Where are all the rest of my Dominican Republic brides?
  4. I purchased the $.89 canvas bags from Cheaptotes.com February 23rd. The website states that it would be 7-14 days ($9.99 shipping). Time past and l looked up this past Monday the7th and realized that I didn't even get an email stating my order shipped. I emailed them and received the response that their shipping system went down, however they could see that it shipped the 24th... Mmmmkay so where's my stuff? I emailed them back and called the next day with no response. Finally got ahold of them yesterday and the lady said that their warehouse flooded and she would ship them out 3 day mail. Mir
  5. That sounds awesome! I will be getting married in the DR soon and hope my experience with my photographer is similar to yours... Too many pictures? Ha! That's a dream! Congratulations!
  6. So glad to hear that you received such great service! Now you have photos to relive one of the most important days of your lives! Congratulations!
  7. Sounds wonderful! Congratulations!
  8. Ohhhhh never would have thought about the vow books! Thanks ladies!
  9. I wish I could do a little bit more, but you ladies just gave me the great idea about the robes and maybe some jewlery. That's definetly something that I could do
  10. Zazzle doesn't seem to have any good sales and/or whenever they do, the shipping is so high it makes me give second thoughts to buying anything
  11. Any ladies taking/have taken your children with you to your DW? Did you have them stay with a family member the whole time? Did you get (or do you plan to) enough QT with your husband?
  12. I struggle with this and know that it's just in my head but logistically it's easier to just get married before we leave. I have just always pictured "ONE" wedding day and having two seems to out a damper on it. We won't make a big deal about it or two anyone ahead of time, just a private moment between us two
  13. It's good to see such positive experiences, I was planning on buying a second dress for the reception and have heard such bad experiences regarding sizing but this puts my mind at ease just a little
  14. I really wish I would've just booked them when I had the chance, they are now Hard Rock Punta Cana's official vendor and of course their prices are higher as a result :-(
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