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Do you have an Any key?

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Ok, until today I totally thought no one was really this smile105.gif!


I work in the IT department at my company. When someone needs helps from IT, they 1st have to submit a helpdesk ticket and one of us will aid the user from there.


So, we have this new chick at work that put in a helpdesk ticket. The ticket stated,"My computer isnt doing what its supposed to do."


Ok, so I call her up and ask her what exactly is her problem with the computer.


She says exactly,"Well, Christina, the documentation I am reading says press any key to continue. However, my keyboard does not have an any key, or maybe I just cant find it."


At this point I am hysterically laughing! I cant believe she actually thought there was a key on the keyboard named ANY!!! smile120.gif


I wish I could tell her exactly what I was thinking. I wanted to say,'Well, the problem exists between the keyboard and the chair!"

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you have to be kidding me, seriously she asked that? that beats any of my stories of teachers who don't know a damn thing about computers.

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