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Wedding Planner

Wedding Coordinator Playa Del Carmen recommendations Vendors

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#21 LisaAnthonyPoppy

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Posted 17 July 2014 - 07:28 PM

@stefadile omg girl that is wedding nightmare from hell. I hope that you are able to get everything straightened out and are able to relax. Man what a terrible thing to have happened. I'm so sorry. Stay strong. It's hard bc you have already paid and your date is fast approaching. Stay calm and know it is going to work out. Hugs
@lisajgarcia3 well if it means anything I watched your little photo I saw your mother (I think) tearing during your vows. People were smiling. I know it doesn't take away from the bs you had to go through. So frustrating! I seriously think some planners are clueless. Do they not know this is a huge day? And it's their job? If they don't want to do it appropriately don't do it at all! It's like common sense problems you had, not like unavoidable acts of God. But anyways your wedding looked good on film;) ! Congrats!

#22 stefadile

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  • Wedding Date:December 30, 2014
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Posted 17 July 2014 - 11:35 PM

@LisaAnthonyPoppy thanks, been trying so hard to keep it all together, but its so nerve wracking waiting to hear back from the hotel. I reckon they want us to pay more han the price we were quoted by the previous coordinator/ management, which we are not willing to pay, nor should we have to .
There is a part of me that just wants to throw in the towel and forget about it. I hope that we can sort out something, but the whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't even think I could trust them to provide us with the day we want.

#23 Sara1603

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    Posted 18 July 2014 - 06:51 AM

    In many ways I wish we'd hired a wedding planner. We've been having such headache with our venue. The onsite events coordinator left, and only thought to tell us about this on her last day!!!!!! We were assured that our file was passed onto the general manager, and they'd be our main contact. We tried numerous times to contact them, but never got any response. The email address didn't work, and our phone cells went unanswered or our messages were not passed on. Finally we got an email from the new coordinator, introducing themselves, and asking about our wedding details. We wrote back immediately and introduced ourselves, and presumed all was in order. We got a reply after a few days ( good for island time) basically asking about all our wedding details, including THE DATE :o and if we were staying on the property????????? Seriously? Wtf! I know Jamaica is laid back, but the wedding isn't that far away now( December).Naturally I was upset, but H2b ( who is Jamaican) assured me it'll be alright... we sent an email with all details, including copies of contract signed, cc receipts and emails we exchanged with the former coordinator.
    We didn't hear anything for a few days, so we decided to call. Turns out the new coordinator is also the new General manager. She was quiet impolite, and impatient with us ( really didn't appreciate this, after all of this messing about). She told us she was not able to find any record of us paying deposit( even though we mailed it to her). She basically asked for everything we already sent again, and told us she would have to "review" the prices we were previously quoted!!!!! ( Surely a breach of contract??). We re-sent everything yesterday,and got a response today asking for a break down of the food/ drink quotes we negotiated in January. I'm so fed up, exhausted, and frustrated with this situation. I know planning a wedding isn't easy, and a DW is a bit harder with the added stress of not being in the same country/ cultural differences etc... but this really just takes the biscuit!! Really wish we'd hired a planner, to deal with all of these issues.
    On a positive note, the vendors ( decorations/ mke-up artist) we've booked, have been so good, they always respond to emails, and follow up
    on emails/ calls. Anyway rant over.... but if we had a choice again we'd hire a decent planner!!!!

    Oh no! What a stressful experience. I'm sorry this happened to you and wish you a life time of happiness.

    We had a wedding planner but it was painful. I didn't purchase any more hours with her and I am now doing it on my own.

    #24 LisaAnthonyPoppy

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    Posted 18 July 2014 - 08:55 AM


    Check to see what exactly they are going to do. You signed a contract they can't change it and in most cases if the company is sold out let's say or new management, it DOES NOT MATTER they HAVE to honor any existing contract if they are operating under the same name.
    Since it's just a change of management then without question they have to honor the contract. I don't care what they say, they Have to.

    Now Idk what it's worth to you if they don't but companies don't want to be suites and I refuse to believe that just bc they are in a diff country means that can get away with being a crook. So I'd sue them and for pain and suffering.

    But be sure to get straight to the point. Get them the paperwork again and I'd pester the shit out of them and get a solid answer to the golden question? Is there anything else you need from me that is different from my contract to have my wedding?

    Take their answer and go with it. If it's crazy and u want a refund there's so many places you can have a wedding I say start over.

    I had to start over but my wedding is in June not December. It actually turned out being a LOT LOT better situation after things went bad with wedding planner/venue.

    Good luck.
    @Sara1603 I think some wedding ppl think they can get away with bullshitting the brides and not having a clue as to what they are doing. I hope more brides report on here their bad experiences not to pour out pity stories but bc ppl want to know!
    They wanna know who to avoid or who is good !
    Thanks for sharing

    #25 lisajgarcia3

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      Posted 18 July 2014 - 10:21 AM

      Thank you for the well wishes! :-) And yes, I agree it was a very unfortunate situation. We communicated at least a few days a week (and almost everyday a few months before the wedding) so the communication was definitely there. I also made an excel spreadsheet for all of the vendors with a minute-by-minute itinerary of the day of the wedding as well as things to make sure everyone has ready. There were tons of plans and lots of preparation since we were engaged for 18 months (we had plenty of time). I think my planner just may have been disorganized. It was crazy because all of my other vendors had the itinerary printed out and EVERY single vendor was AMAZING and not only remembered everything, but went above and beyond what we expected. Because of the other vendors following the plans they were given, everything turned out fine in the end. It was just disappointing that the one person I paid over $3k to keep me out of the planning on the day of my wedding so that I could enjoy the day without giving instructions and worrying about everything was the only person that was a waste of money in the end. Like I said, she was great at the beginning, however, after we made that final deposit, things just went downhill. Quite unfortunate...


      FYI... For all of the brides wanting great vendors for Cancun:


      RECOMMENDED(As in, the only reason my wedding was a success was bc of them... HANDS DOWN AMAZING!!!!!):

      Lighting and Sound (Uplights, DJ, Entertainment, Lighting Effects, etc.) - JSAV Cancun

      Videographer - Cancun Wedding Video (Mike Cantarell)

      Florist (Event Decoration, Rentals for Chairs, Tables, Podium, Vases, etc.) - Blossom. Diseño Floral y Bodas (Floral Design and Weddings)

      Hair and Makeup - Styling Trio

      Invitation and Design - Myself (I'm a Graphic Designer "D)

      Photographer - Kismik Ink Photography



      Planner - Weddings Romantique / Weddings Romantinique / Suha Pressey



      Venue - Beach Palace



      #26 Sara1603

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        Posted 18 July 2014 - 12:31 PM

        Thank you for the recommendations. I keep hearing styling trio. I may have to check them out

        #27 LisaAnthonyPoppy

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        Posted 18 July 2014 - 03:44 PM

        Omg how am I ever going put together a vendor itinerary?
        I'm so organized in my personal life but where do you start with a wedding itinerary? Tips?

        #28 cankem80

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        Posted 30 April 2015 - 01:17 PM

        OMG, my wedding is in a few weeks and despite the many many emails I have had with my wedding planner I am seriously about to cry because I feel as though I may experience something like this. If you guys could give me any advice on what to do to avoid some of these things what would it be. Thanks in advance

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