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Wc/ Resort Communication Difficulties Need Help!

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Afternoon Brides!!!


We are currently planning a wedding at Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun for November 2014 and have been since around January.


Our coordinator has sent us some options, but hasn't been efficient with the information that we provide her at all, actually I would label her closer to incompetent.


We stated in our e-mails several times that we would be getting legally married here, and would only be doing a symbolic ceremony there. When she finally confirmed our date with us, she posted us as a legal ceremony!


We had to send her our deposit forms three times before she confirmed, and since we sent in our forms, but she didn't recieve them before the "due date" we didn't qualify for a special that we wanted.


It usually takes me sending multiple e-mails over the course of a week and a half or so for her to respond...


I've already had to switch hotels because of mis communication, and I started sending my e-mails to her in spanish to make sure she understands-


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with this type of situation? I have less than 6 months left to plan and I'm starting to get nervous. she hasen't even sent me information on my options for music etc.(shes only sent me the boquets packet and forms for deposit so far..)



Signed Discouraged bride-

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Unfortunately this is a very common issue with destination weddings. My only suggestion is to keep being persistent - generally everything works out once you get onsite. Does the resort have a phone # you can use to contact the WC? Can your TA help as well?


Many of the resorts don't really start working with you on your wedding planning specifics until 60-90 days out, especially when they have a heavy wedding season.


Good luck!!

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@@AllieH is totally right on the money. It can get very frustrating. It's not like planning a wedding in the US or Canada, where you start months and months ahead. Destination weddings are done quite differently and I've seen a lot of brides on this site who are very surprised by the fact that they won't get really involved with their WC until about 2 months before their wedding!


Definitely be persistent. Eventually they will respond in between all of the other weddings they have to deal with.And make sure you keep and print ALL of your emails. Make yourself a folder to keep them in and take it with you! Especially if you feel there are language problems with what you're asking about. The mails will just help make sure you get what you're asking for once you arrive in Mexico.


It will turn out ok. It may not seem like it at this point, but it will.


Good luck and happy planning!!

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It is very frustrating but this is common with DW's. Trying calling  you planner if you are not getting answers in a time frame that you feel is acceptable. 

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