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  1. PLease don;t worry.. everything will be perfect. I am a type A, wall street, high maintaince control freak and everything went better than planned. I honestly didn't start to plan out the details until right before I left and I left things into Ramon (he was my planner at the resort) hands and the staff blew me away with how beautiful everytig turned out.
  2. Greetings from sunny Mexico. Dan and I got married last night and it was amazing. This resort has exceeded my expectations 1000 times over. If anyone is on the fence about getting married here JUST DO IT!!! Everything has been perfect. I'll write a more detailed review in a few days.
  3. I'm freaking out…Im still not totally packed. I worked yesterday 6am - midnight and today for another 10 hours. I'm enjoying wine right now to relax!!
  4. He is my photographer and my wedding is next Sunday… i'll keep you posted. He was recommended to me by another amazing photographer in mexico. I paid about 3000 for wedding and cenote TTD. I think for wedding day only it was about 2000
  5. I wouldn't worry! It usually rains in the Am in the islands. Ill keep in touch with you and let you know how the weather is early in the week. Im leaving in 24 hours. I'll have my personal comp and will be checking email
  6. I will be leaving on Monday morning for Mexico. I pick up my gown last night, packed my bags and I'm all set!!! If anyone has any questions about the resort let me know.
  7. Unless she plans on bringing all of her guests to your actual wedding you really don't have the right to be angry. What is her other option fly to to destination wedding alone for a few days and come back or make an extended vacation out of it with her friends. Who cares who else is st your resort as long as they do not interfere with your wedding.
  8. They do jack up the prices. I had the hotel order Johnnie Walker Gold and they are charging us 135 p/bottle which is about 40 more than what yuo can buy it for here. Would you consider goignt o a liquor store in Mexico?
  9. It's almost time!!!!!!! I am at work rihgt now taking a break from dsome major project finishing. I'll be gonw for three weeks and I said no laptop - deal with it!!
  10. Thnak you! I cannot wait. Did you do a cenote TTD? I have one booked a few days after my wedding ad I am sooo excited for it.
  11. Thats great to hear. I am getting marrried on June 8th and he is my photographer
  12. I packed up my OOT/favors yesterday and it took up 2 huge suitcases. My Fiancee and I are traveling down to Mexico a week before the wedding and will probably just bring everything ourselves. At this point we may have like 5 large suitcases.
  13. I am getting married on June 8th at 5.00pm. I will let you know what the temp is like when I get down there at that time.
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