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  1. Hi Ladies, @MrsRobertson @aschul31 Firstly congratulations on your engagements and upcoming weddings! There were a group of 16 of us for the wedding. We had the ceremony at 6pm then the semi private dinner at 8:45pm (you get the option of 2 dinner sittings if you are not having a private party). We booked through Thomson in the UK and in our wedding pack we were given 2 email addresses for the RIU wedding team. I emailed them a couple of times prior to the wedding to get pictures of there ceremony set up, info about legal documentation, wedding extras etc and they usually replied within a few days. I believe this team are separate from the hotels actual wedding coordinator whose name I think is Magaly if I remember rightly. We met with her a day or two after arrival and she went through all the details for the wedding - flowers (which i must say were lovely!), ceremony timings, music, wedding meal etc etc. I would say get a list of extras from the Riu wedding team and familiarise yourself with what you want prior to the meeting with your wedding coordinator. I was pretty relaxed about it all so just wanted something simple but if you have in mind what you want, get this list of extras beforehand! Overall our wedding was GREAT. I would not have done anything differently, the location was perfect, the whole thing went off without any problems and I wish we could do it all again!! I do have photos which I'm happy to share - perhaps send me a direct message with your email and I'll send you some photos of the wedding ceremony and you can ask me any other questions that you have as I don't check this forum very often. Hope this helps Jess xx
  2. Hi, we have recently returned from our wedding here. I wore medium height heels for the ceremony and then changed to sandals for our photos - glad i did my heels were not practical for either the grass or sand
  3. Let me know if you have any luck getting your time changed as I would like mine an hour earlier than I have been given too! Although when I questioned the travel agent I was told they just slot you in to the nearest time that you request as the minister who performs the ceremony has several weddings to do each day. I'm trying not to worry about mine being to late, hopefully it will all be fine :-/
  4. We've FINALLY had our wedding date confirmed here for 12 May 2015 after booking with Thomsons in the UK a couple of months ago. I was a little worried because our ceremony isn't until 6pm but i didn't want to change it as the travel agent said we could lose the date and some of our family and friends have already booked up. I was just wondering if other brides have been married here so late and how much time that left you for photographs. Did anyone decide to do photographs before the ceremony?
  5. Hi, I was wondering whether any brides-to-be or previous brides could tell me what time you are having your ceremony? We are getting married in Cancun in May 2015 and have requested the ceremony for 3pm but now i'm worried that may be too early as the weather will still be very warm and bright! I read on a photography site that they suggest having your ceremony after 5pm at this time of year and now i'm stressing!! Any thoughts experiences p,ease?! Thanks J
  6. @@Pablou I found some pics of different wedding options on this feed here http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/71717-riu-palace-peninsula-2013-brides/page-2 i found it useful to give me an idea of the kind of decorations/options to expect. Hope you find this useful if you haven't seen it already X
  7. @@Pablou yes, can't wait to get it booked now! I haven't actually sent out any invites yet as i'm told it can take up up to 8 weeks to get our wedding date confirmed though. i'm under the impression that most elements of the wedding plans get sorted when you arrive at the hotel - not sure how I feel about that!! I've found some useful info and pics from old posts on this site showing what the hotel can offer though. I've never been to Mexico, we chose it simply because the hotel looked amazing and there is enough around locally for people to leave the hotel a go out if they want to. X
  8. @@Pablou we haven't booked yet as we are waiting for the May dates to be released. We have an appointment with our travel agent in a few weeks to book though so i'm excited about that Not many ideas yet, waiting until we have RSVP's from guests to get an idea of numbers attending and then we cant start planning our evening reception. How about you? Have you visited the Riu Peninsula before? x
  9. We're booking our wedding at the Riu Peninsula for May 2015. @@Pablou I'd love to hear how you planning goes
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