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I finally finished and mailed our invitations yesterday!  After months of searching this forum and initially designing passport invitations I ended up going with a pocket fold invite. I have to thank the following brides for their inspiration:




I was going to make my own pocketfolds, but after the second one I was on my computer searching for a place to purchase them.  I ended up getting "almost perfect" A7 pocketfolds from www.paperandmore.com, they shipped fast and they were awesome!


Since we decided on Starfish for our logo I decided to tie it together with the starfish and raffia.




Here are the information sheets that I included for our guests, this gave them basic travel info, etc to help with planning.




I decided against having guests RSVP by mail, so I attached this RSVP card to direct them to our website.




The following is the list of supplies:


Pocketfolds - Paperandmore.com

Paper - Michaels - metallic paper

Raffia - Michaels

Turquoise paper - Michaels (12 x 12 scrapbooking paper)

Envelopes - Michaels

Starfish - Etsy 

Centering Ruler - Michaels


My only issue was centering my paper for the invitation, but I purchased a centering ruler from Michaels.  This was an excellent investment (especially with a 50% off coupon)!


So here is my finished product!




If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I would also be willing to share my templates if anyone is interested.



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@@trbutler - GREAT job!!! I especially love the little silver starfish charm on the raffia.  :D  Very lovely touch!  I keep flip flopping on invites (to DIY or not DIY) - your post inspires me! 

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I have had a few requests for a template.  I will work on making mine generic and share later on.

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Hi trbutler,

I am unable to see any pics beause I haven't reached my limit of comments. I was wondering if you could send me the pics, templates, and any other information I would need? I would greatly appreciate it. My email is colek_64@hotmail.com


Thanks so much


Thanks again in advance.

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Did you design your own logo or did you find it somewhere? I love the aqua/fuchsia look (my colors too) and the starfish!

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Can't wait to have 150 posts so I can see your invites that everyone is complimenting! :)

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