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Newbie Date January 28, 2015

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Hello Ladies,

I am so excited to have come across this site.  So I have a date and thought I had the venue Hard Rock Mayan but with all the bad reviews and recent taking over of the Adventura.  I have decided not to go with them.

So I need help.  I have about 35-40 People including the wedding party.  My vision is with a beautiful hard roof or thatched gazebo or terrace for the ceremony. 

I would like to have a outdoor reception pool side using the concrete as the dance floor with some nice laterns.

I do have kids coming so it has to be a family resort.

My travel agent is leaning me towards the Azul, Generation or Hard Rock resorts.

What imput do you ladies have and do you have pictures


Thanks in advance



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Congratulations and welcome to the site! You'll find lots of information, tips and ideas here that will definitely assist you with your DW plans!


If you haven't yet decided on a resort, definitely take a look at the resort reviews! It will give you a feel for what past brides have experienced, both good and bad! You don't say if you're in the US or Canada - have you picked a travel agent to work with yet? If not, definitely feel free to contact the site owners - Wright Travel. They are destination wedding experts and will definitely be able to help you out with deciding what resort might work for you with what you require.


You'll find everyone here more than willing to share information and experiences. Good luck and happy planning!

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Hi Doris,


What are your concerns with Hard Rock Riviera Maya?  I just had dinner with Hard Rock on Monday.  They are a great option for your wedding and have some of the most generous wedding amenities.


If you have any questions or concerns, let me know and I will try to answer them.


ps. I am heading to the property in May for their grand opening so I can try to help as much as i can.

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