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  1. Love this thread!! Congrats to you all @@RandL2015, I don't see why you should have to pay for their day pass... One of my friends got married in Mexico in January and anyone not staying at the resort had to pay their own way to get in for the day...
  2. I've been curious about this resort, I can't wait to read your review
  3. Love your decorations!! The staff didn't charge you extra to setup?
  4. Have a great time! I'm sure everything will turn out just as you want it to!! Remember to breathe, relax and enjoy
  5. Love the BM dresses!! How much were they? I found some here, in Winnipeg, they weren't Henka and they ran at $250
  6. Thanks @@Wafflesmom I appreciate your input on this I'm still torn about what to do but I guess I have time to make a final decision
  7. @ Wafflesmom who did you book with? Quick question about wedding packages.. I reserved the complimentary package but am thinking about changing to the exotic peacock... my question to you all is.. is it worth it? It seems most ladies here booked the complimentary package.. why did you? Is it because you can personalize it or do you think the other pachage isn't worth the $$? With the complimentary package, what does the dinner setup look like? I can't seem to find that anywhere.. Thanks for your input!!
  8. Nice!! I'm not a huge fan of AC, I much prefer Westjet but if AC has better rates then I'll for sure use them.. I especially like the upgrade to the bride and groom!! I'd love to fly first class
  9. Wow! It sounds like you have everything ready to go! I'm sure it's going to be fabulous!! I can't wait to see the pics
  10. omg that's pretty cool! My TA is not a destination wedding specialist but I know her personally and she's been super helpful so far I was asking about the palace group contract, which I got saturday.. I looked it over and it doesn't seem too bad.. I needed them to clarify a few things for me (such as upgrades and kids stay free) and am waiting for a response.. Our wedding is in the summer and Air Transat and Sunwing don't go to Mexico then.. it appears I'm going to be stuck with using either Westjet or Air Canada... though i think a packge deal with them should be cheaper than booking hotel
  11. @@Wafflesmom it's been a week since I sent in my wedding contract and have yet to receive my group conract, I emailed them this morning to followup.. I'm Canadian too I'm in Winnipeg I'll ask my TA if she can look after that for me.. what did your group contract include? Initally I wanted to decorate myself but the thought of travelling with my decorations wasn't appealing to me Plus I'm not crafty so making DIYs gives me a bit of anxiety lol Good idea!! I'll see if I can find one cause so far I haven't had any luck finding my dress
  12. Things are coming along.. I find the whole process to be LONG.. I could have probably had the whole thing planned in a few weeks but I have wait for this or wait for that.. I guess I'm not a patient person lol I received my date confirmation and contract last week and I sent it back right away saying that I wanted a group contract but I'm still waiting for them to send it to me... The contract said something about having the group contract signed within a week of the wedding contract or the wedding contract could be null and void.. but since I haven't received it yet I guess that rule isn'
  13. Sooo excited!! My date was finally confirmed!!! August 20 2016!! They sent me my wedding contract which I am carefully reading over
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