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Tom Moks Photography

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#1 minnykiss

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    Posted 13 February 2014 - 10:39 AM


    I was just wondering if anyone has every hired Tom Moks photography and if they have any advice. I'm a little hesistant to submit the deposit without any feedback from previous brides. Thanks! :)

    #2 JessicaR

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      Posted 17 February 2014 - 09:51 AM

      Hi!! I helped my sister booked her photographer, we did see this photographer but I felt the photos were overblown for my taste, you could hardly tell details. You can always ask them to send you a full wedding just so you can get an idea of what you are booking and what you will get, since a lot of times they choose the "best photos" for their website.


      We booked Estefania Flores Photography, she had a nice eye for details and since she was in Guadalajara her prices were nice on the tight budget. www.estefaniafloresphotography.com


      Best of luck!!

      #3 AnnabelleMFriend

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        Posted 07 March 2014 - 04:43 AM

        Hello! I love Tom Mok's style. Can I ask how much he quoted you? I submitted an inquiry about 5 days ago and haven't heard back. Was he fast to respond to your emails? 

        #4 Sofi23la

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          Posted 27 May 2014 - 11:58 AM

          I did emailed him when I was looking for photographers, not a big fan of not getting a quick answer.

          #5 Kayla2015

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            Posted 27 June 2014 - 08:24 PM

            @minnykiss  Did you decided to book him?

            #6 MojoJojo

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            • LocationSeattle, WA

            Posted 21 July 2014 - 12:40 PM


            I was just wondering if anyone has every hired Tom Moks photography and if they have any advice. I'm a little hesistant to submit the deposit without any feedback from previous brides. Thanks! :)


            I might be late on this but when me and the FH were in MX back on June 1st we met a couple who hired Tom Mok's and had nothing but great things to say about working with him. Their wedding was 2 days before we met them and they already had a few photo previews and shared them with us - they looked great. 


            I just submit an inquiry for date availability and pricing earlier today.

            #7 albebe27

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              Posted 04 August 2014 - 01:51 PM

              Hi!!!  :D

              We hired Tom for our wedding last November and we are soooo happy we did it!!!

              He is a very professional photographer (punctual, honest, creative, etc.), and also a super nice person to be around. He really makes people feel comfortable while taking the pictures.

              Our album is beautiful and people keep telling us how nice pictures he took.

              I highly recommend Tom for any event you have.


              #8 chaveladelmundo

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                Posted 05 March 2015 - 12:07 PM

                Tom is a fantastic photographer but really unprofessional.  


                He was almost two hours late to my wedding for starters. 


                It took months to get my photos from him, you need to email him multiple times before getting a response and it takes weeks. Then again for the book, then again for the actual photos on the DVD.  Getting him to deliver on anything was exhausting.  The only thing he was punctual about was invoices.  


                Once I finally got my book, it didn't even have the photos I requested.  My favorite photos were missing and he just put a bunch of random photos in there of his choosing.  This was so frustrating after spending hours picking out my favorite photos for the book as he requested.


                Is he a good photographer? Sure. But I would pay more if I had to do it again and work with someone who is much, MUCH more professional. 


                Check out the last email I wrote to him (one of dozens trying to get my photos!!!!!):


                Feb 13
                to Tom, TomMoks,
                Tom -
                I am disappointed with the way you have been dealing with my wedding photos. 
                I purchased your most expensive package and it has been exhausting trying to get you to hold up your end of the deal.  I did everything you asked of me and you have already spent the money I paid you. You have not been able to deliver on ONE SINGLE promise you have made to me.
                You were late to the wedding ceremony so I have no pictures of me getting ready or Shaun getting ready.
                You were late on getting my photos out to me. You never told me they would be late - I had to email you for weeks multiple times before you would reply.
                You asked me to pick out my favorite photos for my album.  It took me hours to go through each one and pick out my favorites.
                The book was sent out very late. You never told me it would be late - I had to email you for weeks multiple times before you would reply.
                The book finally comes and you never even put in the photos I asked you to. None of the photos with my wedding party walking down the isle, none of the pictures of Shaun and me kissing in the ocean.
                You never even sent the DVD with the edited photos that was included in the package I have already paid for with money you have already spent.
                What is the deal?
                You are a great photographer but a horrible business professional.
                This is not fair.
                Will you please respond? This is EXHAUSTING!
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                Tom Moks Photography
                Feb 13
                to me

                Hi -

                Sorry to hear that .

                Best regards Tom

                #9 mia256

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                  Posted 20 April 2015 - 08:48 PM

                  Go better with Evgenia, she's a great photographer and yet affordable, most of the photographers in Puerto Vallarta are very expensive and not even as good.



                  #10 eriddell

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                  • Wedding Date:January 18, 2016
                  • Wedding Location:Las Caletas, Puerto Vallarta

                  Posted 25 February 2016 - 09:40 AM

                  We had our photo's done by Tom Moks. Our photo's turned out amazing, but I feel like there were a lot of key moments that he missed. Hopefully we can get those moments from our video. 


                  Dealing with Tom through email was a nightmare. When booking he kept calling me but the wrong name and saying our wedding was on a different date than it was. At one point he emailed to cancel because he double booked, but he had actually had the wrong date so it was fine. 


                  During the wedding day he arrived on time which I was nervous about. My hair wasn't ready in time so he really stressed me out and was rushing me. I ended up falling out of a hammock and wrecking my hair because he asked me to sit in this hammock for a picture and I was already rushing. He was pretty much running through this rocky area trying to get pictures of my husband and I and I was in heals... very thankful I didn't fall or injure myself!! He also made a rude comment about not fitting into my dress while we were zipping it up!! 


                  After the wedding, it was near impossible to get a response from him via email. He doesn't do sneak peaks which was disappointing. He gave me a date that my photo's were to be ready... that date came... didn't hear from him until 3 days after because he had a wedding booked. If you had a wedding booked you should probably email your clients to inform them their photo's won't be ready. 


                  Overall, I am pretty unsatisfied with the service. We have a few good photo's but there were many missed :(! I would not recommend booking Tom Moks as nice as his photos are... it's just not worth the stress!!


                  ~Las Caletas Bride 2016~

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