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  1. I've heard of this in weddings like Las Caletas, in Adventure weddings theres a charge of $500 USD if you hire an external photographer or Videographer. The budget was tight so in the hotel my sister did her wedding there was no external charge for any of the vendors to come in the hotel, they just needed to be identified when entering the premises.
  2. JessicaR

    Tom Moks Photography

    Hi!! I helped my sister booked her photographer, we did see this photographer but I felt the photos were overblown for my taste, you could hardly tell details. You can always ask them to send you a full wedding just so you can get an idea of what you are booking and what you will get, since a lot of times they choose the "best photos" for their website. We booked Estefania Flores Photography, she had a nice eye for details and since she was in Guadalajara her prices were nice on the tight budget. www.estefaniafloresphotography.com Best of luck!!
  3. JessicaR

    Wedding Coordinator in PV

    @@JennaLea It sounds like the Chuppa and tulle for $250 sounds about avarage, about the flowers why don't you contact yourself a local flowers shop, since is not as specific? Because $450 just for flowers does sound a little ridiculous, does that include chairs and accesories? My sister contacted this flower shop : http://florartvallarta.com/galeria-de-fotos/bodas I'll ask her how much they charge her for the ceremony only, but I'll doubt it will be more than $450 usd, I guess it also depends on how may chairs. Also, try asking in spanish that might help out too because as soon as you speak english I noticed prices rise. Let me know how that goes! You welcome !
  4. Hi Anya!! My sister got married not so long ago and she put maracas on the ceremony, the wedding planner did it all. She does a lot of mexican couples so her prices were better than the average. She also did my sisters flower arrangement and it was gorgeous!, I think you should probably contact a local floral shop for the petals or ask this wedding coordinator if maybe she can offer that too, just because you don't want to get the petals stoped in customs or something and find a shop at the last moment. This is her contact info: lilian_ojeda@hotmail.com Best of luck!
  5. JessicaR

    Wedding Coordinator in PV

    @@JennaLea I remmember seeing them when I was helping my sister book her wedding coordinator, best desition ever to get a wedding coordinator. The wedding was in Marriot Casamagna, the staff was very helpful and the wedding was absolutely gorgeous!!. Yes destinations weddings are a lot to deal with and since one is not in the area is even harder to try get everything perfect. God bless the internet and wedding coordinators!! It's a GREAT idea to constantly ask for prices, just because you want a full idea of what the real prices are, Best luck in your wedding!! My sister's videographer and her photographer have a lot of weddings too, that also help trying to indicate to the wedding planner what my sister wanted or even the vendors what she liked from other weddings.
  6. JessicaR

    Vallarta Wedding in Marriott

    My sister's beautiful wedding!
  7. FYI It says Christians, not catholics. I'm sorry to hear this though,
  8. JessicaR

    PV Videographer

    When I booked my sisters photographer, she recommend it us the videographer. She was great and spoke perfect english, her packages will start around $400 . Her name is Sandra: http://sandorafoto.com/
  9. JessicaR

    Yanen Ali Photography

    Wow, those are pricey packages. I helped my sister book her photographer for $800. She even recommended it us great videographer who apparently works for Adventures weddings for double the price, we got the Paradise package and it was $500. I do notice the work is a little different, but definitely worth checking it out: http://www.estefaniafloresphotography.com/ - PHOTOGRAPHER http://sandorafoto.com/ - VIDEO
  10. My sister had this photographer, she did well and spoke fluent english: http://www.estefaniafloresphotography.com/
  11. JessicaR

    Wedding Coordinator in PV

    Hi Jenna!! Well my sister just got married 2 weeks ago and the wedding coordinator was amazing. She usually does weddings for hotels and her price is very reasonable, I helped my sister look for endless coorginators online and we loved her style the best. Her name is Lilian Ojeda: http://www.loeventos.com/. This is my sister's wedding just to give you and idea: http://estefaniafloresphotograph.smugmug.com/Alexis-Eric/
  12. My sister got married and PV and she had Estefania Flores, she did a great job, very professional and spoke perfect english which was very helpful. Good luck! http://www.estefaniafloresphotography.com/