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  1. Very helpful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  2. I need some recommendations on PV videographers!! I have contacted Promovision, but they were a little out of my budget. Also contacted Raul Rolando Rios, has anyone out there used him? Or have any other recommendations? Thank you mucho!! Melissa
  3. Hello ladies! I am having trouble with what correct etiquette would be for including response cards. Do I need to have the traditional response card where they mail it back in to me.... or can I just have an enclosure with the reservation/travel information with a deadline to book, and then their booking would be their RSVP? Please help!! I am also trying to save money and having 3 enclosures vs. 2 would be a lot more. Thank you.
  4. Has anyone used the photography services provided by Las Caletas? Looks pretty good from their website.... but I would like to get personal reviews/recommendations/advice. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Oh, and I just saw it will take 2,000 points to change my username. I have a way to go!!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by miss di welcome melissa! you can change your profile name, but it requires a lot of points, i think. it's in the vbPlaza Menu (pretty sure!!) what kind of STDs are you designing? i think your guests will have plenty of time to book...fares kind of suck right now anyway, and should drop in the fall. how many ppl are you expecting/inviting?? The STD cards will be the basic info, directing them to my website, etc... then I am attaching some sort of ribbon around them AND then attaching an actual little starfish to that. They will be mailed in a small box or padded envelope. It sounds complicated but I am doing it all myself (with a little help) so they should not be too expensive (hopefully!!). I will post pics when I am done with them!!
  7. Megan... I just saw your question... I am probably inviting about 60 people... and thinking that less than 25 will come. I really have no idea who will come in the end, and that has been a major "worry" point with the planning. I guess it could go either way... lots of people or no people... Either way it will be a wonderful day!!
  8. Thanks everyone!! Joelle, my name is Melissa. I wonder if there is some way I can change my profile name? Yes, I don't have as much time as you... so you are lucky for all the time you get!! I am a little stressed out right now because I want to have my STDs out by the end of the month.... but am probably only halfway done with the "designing" part of them!! This month has slipped away from me!! I just want to give my guests enough planning time... so I am hoping 8 1/2 months ahead of time will be enough for them. Congrats on booking!!!
  9. I have booked Las Caletas for May 10, 2010! So excited!! Hope to have my save the dates out by the end of the month.... and hoping people will be able to come!! Now I get to make all the other decisions... dress, photographers, etc.!!
  10. Thanks for the info Andi! Good to hear from someone else.....!
  11. Hello Las Caletas brides!! I was hoping some of you out there could help me.... I was wondering about the other guests that were in Las Caletas for the shows and day tours. Did you ever see any of them during your ceremony/reception?? I would like my event to be as private as possible!! I am hoping to do the Paradise Package, but I am also looking at the Barefoot Package...has anyone out there done that one? Again, just concerned about the privacy with that package. THANKS!!
  12. I am looking at Las Caletas but have a question maybe some of you can help me with... does the Paradise package (the middle package) come with an open bar, or is it just the Premier package that comes with it?? Thanks!
  13. Hello all! I am looking around Puerto Vallarta for a wedding site. So far I have looked as Las Caletas and Dreams. I really like Las Caletas, but it might be out of my budget. Anyone have any other ideas for this area? I really like the idea of having the private beach at Las Caletas.... but Dreams might have to be a compromise! Not sure what month yet, although I heard October-mid May would be the best, so maybe March or April. Any ideas are appreciated!