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  1. The photographer is one of the key aspects of the wedding, all that you will remember and show to your relatives will be thanks to the photographer!. What's the Venue you've chosen? If it's in Mexico I can give you some advice!
  2. Try with Daniela from http://cabo.photography/ prices are good and the quality is awesome!
  3. Check out Daniela from http://cabo.photography/ great quality and very reasonable prices as well, and she speaks English 100%
  4. Congratulations pykx82!!! January in Puerto Vallarta is great, not warm, not cold, just perfect!!! Let me know if you have any questions!!
  5. Late may can be warm, but not too bad, it's much warmer in August and September. You should be fine in May the raining season usually starts on late June.
  6. Hi missemilym, congratulations for your wedding! Le Kliff is amazing! You will have such a wonderful experience there, trust me! I recommend you Evgenia, from Vallarta.Photo is a great photographer and yet affordable. Check her website.
  7. Hi Kayla, check Evgenia at vallarta.photo She's a great photographer, I recommend her 100%.
  8. The laws are changing in Mexico, I believe that this will help to stop this kind of discrimination, I'm very sorry to hear that. Since 2010 to this day a lot of people has changed, too bad you had to experience the ugly old days..
  9. Check Vallarta.Photo Evgenia is a great photographer and not that expensive as the others.
  10. Go better with Evgenia, she's a great photographer and yet affordable, most of the photographers in Puerto Vallarta are very expensive and not even as good. http://vallarta.photo
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