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2015 Iberostar Rose Hall Suite Bride

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Hi fellow brides! Ok here goes ....


Resort: A+


I LOVED that place. Hands down we chose a GREAT property. The staff is wonderful, the view is AMAZING even if your in a standard room. The property is clean and the drinks will sit you on your behind esp if the bartenders make you their specialty drinks. The food was ok. I wish there was more authentic Jamaican food available. The food at the restaurants was really good esp surf and turf at the Mexican restaurant. We didn't have any issues with the AC we actually had to turn it off a few times. We booked an ocean view room and was upgraded to a category ocean view. At first I was NOT happy because I was expecting ocean front. The front staff assured us the view we were getting was better but was willing to give us an ocean front room. They allowed us to look at both rooms. We ended up going with what they suggested in the first place. Our view was the view you have when you look off the terrace in the main lobby and the location was great (4405)


Wedding Coordinator: B+


Nicole was good for the most. She was able to arrange just about everything we asked for. She ran through rehearsal with us and was there for the entire wedding start to finish. There was a few hiccups which in reality that's to be expected. Our welcome dinner/party was dinner at the steakhouse and should of ended with the Fire dancer. Instead the fire dancer was booked first (so pissed) so of course some folks on island time came late and missed the performance (shrugs). The other thing she typed 7:45 welcome party and 8:30 dinner on the itinerary. Nicole never gave the DJ the list with the bridal party names so there was a delay to start the reception.


Spa: D+


Soooooo they sucked like really sucked with hair and makeup. My hair is short. I had it cut right before I left so all they had to do was curl it. Um nope that didn't work out. The make up OMG the products they have are sold at the dollar store here in the US (no exaggeration) and they really just can't do makeup. So I wasted my money. I gave them a D+ because the staff was really nice.


Staff: A++


Orlando at the front was so awesome he knew us by first name and attended to all of our needs and concerns. Actually they were all great.Raymond was just simply amazing. He made us feel like we were the only ones on the property. Guest services was amazing. We had an issues with the shower pressure and they sent maintenance to our room at 9:30pm to have it fixed.


Ceremony/ Reception: A+


We had our ceremony at the beach. We couldn't of asked for better weather. It was far enough away from everyone we didn't have any land gawkers but we did have some ocean gawkers who eventually left. We opted for the gold package that included a cocktail hour. Ceremony started at 4:30. Cocktail hour between 5:30-6:30 with steel drums .... Food not so great but not too bad. Reception 6:30-10:00 (didn't start till 6:50). We had 68ppl total so we rented the calabash for private reception. We opted for the Jamaican menu and the food was delish. The DJ the DJ was THE BEST..... He's a member for Kevan's team (resort contracted DJ ) our family and friends is still talking about how much fun the reception was. We ended at 10 but I was told later that I could of pushed for 10:30


Decorations: A++++++++++


I don't even know where to begin. Godfrey Guy from GG Decor is God sent. He did an OUTSTANDING job. I was blown away by everything he did. He exceeded my expectations. He is truly a man of his word and he is extremely passionate about what he does. My cousin and girlfriends who are event planners were all impressed. He took care of everything for me from rentals to cake cutting set and the cake. At first I was a little skeptical going with him but I am so glad I did. He worked hard to give me everything I wanted and we couldn't thank him enough. He did all the bouquets, decorations for ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.


Photographer and videographer : A+


I flew in my own team from Front Street Video. They covered the whole weekend. I can't wait for the footage. They will travel and Blake Saunders is gifted and talented





The property was clean and well kept. The beach was a little rocky. We didn't have issues with getting a lounge chair and the hotel was full for the weekend. Check in and check out went pretty smooth.




We all went to Dunns River and Blue Hole the next day. Word of advice just go to blue hole its so much better. My dad arranged the whole thing for everyone. If you would like his info let me know he lives there.


Helpful tips:


Make group reservations in advance they fill up quickly.


If your traveling with young children make sure you check out the water park.


If you have a large group it's worth getting the more expensive package and paying the difference for extra guests


Wire the balance ahead of time if you can. I got charged closed to $200 for an international visa charge because I used by bank card to pay off balance.


Try to avoid using the Mac machine there because it's $6 every time you withdrawal money


Take care of the staff because they take care of you

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@@budgetbride2015 - Thanks for this! I leave in 5 days and this is good to know. Especially about the spa as I am depending on them for hair and makeup. Additionally the tip about the international fees is something I need to look into as I still have a balance to settle with the front desk when I arrive. I'll also let my guest know about the ATM fees. I reserved a tent on the beach for the reception so I'm most nervous about that. AND I'm using the resorts DJ, I just hope he is as good as Kevons team.....fingers crossed :-)


Can't wait to post my review with pictures so stay tuned......

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@@budgetbride2015 - keep trying to load pics! I wanna see them!!! Thanks for the note about the DJ, that's refreshing to know. Do you remember his name?!?! BTW....I'm also stalking your room number as we also paid for an Ocean view so its good to know in advance what the room will be like. Additionally, blogs like these are extremely helpful when trying to get an understanding if what to expect. So thanks again for everything, I appreciate it:-)

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Well ladies I've been MIA but now our wedding is getting close....50 days until we leave! And I'm still waiting for people to book....how annoying. I'm glad I only plan to do this once! Lol.

A lot has happened in the last few months.....I'm pregnant for starters! I'll be 26 weeks for the wedding, lol. So I'm gonna end up buying a new dress....which sucks bc I loved my dress!

And then in sad news...my mom passed away a few weeks ago :( I kind of thought my parents wouldn't make it anyway for financial reasons but I had hopes at least but now it's definitely a no go.

Stressful times for sure as we are still saving up to pay off the wedding package and photographer! We've paid off our travel agent luckily.

I'm just ready to be there and kind of get it over with! Is that bad?

Sorry if I rambled....



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WOW! Where do I begin? First off I'm so sorry to hear of your lost. Secondly I'm happy to hear for your bundle of joy:-)


As far as your big day...don't break your bank. Do what you can do and whatever u can't get done...oh well. Try to enjoy every moment of it. The coordinators at the Iberostar are AMAZING! My wedding was last week and it all happened so fast. Keep your head up and have fun. Just know you will be surrounded by family and friends.


I wish you all the best:-)

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@@helenk.....hey lady.....first, I am so sorry to hear about your mother passing.  Many condolences.


Congratulations on the baby!!!!  That is so exciting. 


I am in the same boat with people booking last minute.  I have my fiancé's sister who is just booking this week.  And one of my girlfriends who is searching for a groupon to go....lol! 


I have 35 days till we leave and I am just finishing up the favors and the brochure.  I decided not to do welcome/oot bags and I am sending everyone "fly away" gift boxes prior to everyone leaving......it will include everything in the OOT bags but I won't have to take all of that with me.  I have too much already with the bouquets and the other decorations!!! 


Congratulations again and everything will turn out just fine!!!!   

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I am so sorry to hear about your mother. My heart goes out to you. I lost my mother 11 years ago and it's tough but try to remember the good times. She will always be there with you I promise.


Congrats on your little bundle of joy! :) that's super exciting



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