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  1. @@helenk so excited for you wish I was going back! Don't worry about the photographer...my photographer was $1500 as well and did a great job....BUT, my guests all took pictures on their cell phones and sent me copies before my photographer did and all of the cell phone pictures were GREAT! I say all that to say that you can ask your guest to give you some of the pics from their phone and you will have a nice variety and you will see pics from there perspective and they will still be amazing. I got those pictures developed at CVS for only 19 cents each and I love every 1 of them. So no need t
  2. @@happyc DEFINITELY work with the wedding coordinators (Nicole and Simone), they worked with me to plan my meet and greet. We reserved to lobby terrace and selected appetizers and had a private bar. They can also help decorate! The only cost was per person per hour, and it wasnt too expensive at all. That may be a good option for the shower. Additionally, you should look into having the bachelorette party in the Mango Walk disco. In doing that u won't incur any additional costs as tthe disco is open to the public and is a lot of fun. Enjoy!
  3. @@helenk just let the Iberostar last. The coordinators will definitely work with you, they are more than accomodating.
  4. @@helenk WOW! Where do I begin? First off I'm so sorry to hear of your lost. Secondly I'm happy to hear for your bundle of joy:-) As far as your big day...don't break your bank. Do what you can do and whatever u can't get done...oh well. Try to enjoy every moment of it. The coordinators at the Iberostar are AMAZING! My wedding was last week and it all happened so fast. Keep your head up and have fun. Just know you will be surrounded by family and friends. I wish you all the best:-)
  5. @@budgetbride2015 - Thanks! I'll get some sleep first then I'll check out FB. Thanks!
  6. @@budgetbride2015 - keep trying to load pics! I wanna see them!!! Thanks for the note about the DJ, that's refreshing to know. Do you remember his name?!?! BTW....I'm also stalking your room number as we also paid for an Ocean view so its good to know in advance what the room will be like. Additionally, blogs like these are extremely helpful when trying to get an understanding if what to expect. So thanks again for everything, I appreciate it:-)
  7. @@budgetbride2015 - Thanks for this! I leave in 5 days and this is good to know. Especially about the spa as I am depending on them for hair and makeup. Additionally the tip about the international fees is something I need to look into as I still have a balance to settle with the front desk when I arrive. I'll also let my guest know about the ATM fees. I reserved a tent on the beach for the reception so I'm most nervous about that. AND I'm using the resorts DJ, I just hope he is as good as Kevons team.....fingers crossed :-) Can't wait to post my review with pictures so stay tuned......
  8. Countdown......only 10 more days to go Super excited, but not nervous.....YET!
  9. @@beckys98 - OMG! Congratulations. I can't wait to see/hear all about it. I'm so thrilled for yo:-) I just submitted my payments (photo, video and tent rental) today. It's crunch time for me as my date is drawing closer (8/24)!
  10. @@beckys98 Thinking of you. Hope your big dày was AMAZING! Can't wait to hear all about it:-)
  11. @budgetbride2015- "Got held up at the airport", geez I didn't even think of anything like that happening :-( I would be horrified if something happened to myself for my guest.
  12. @@beckys98 i have a call scheduled with them tomorrow to go over stuff an my day is still 96 days away! Im excited for you, Becky. Please please post again when you return. We'd love an update!
  13. Good point! My wedding is in August, so I can only imagine how hot it will be. With tent package, they are adding a cooling unit for the bride and groom, but I'll need to purchase more for my other guests. Hmmm. I may need to consider having it in one of the resturants afterall. I am getting a DJ so moving the reception inside will save me a few thousand dollars, (since I would also have to purchase the meal from beach menu). The coordinator recommended the bonfire, but I wasn't sure about that. Ok, back to the drawing board. Thank goodness I have 103 days left to ponder.
  14. @@beckys98 - Glad to hear everything is going well. Bummer about the photographer, this is one of my biggest fears, someone contracted not showing up. I’d wait before paying anything else until you hear back from them. What are you doing about your reception? I’m having a small dilemma, where I want to rent a tent and have the reception outside, but the thought of passing up the meal that’s included in my package and purchasing the same food to be served outside, is sickening to me. I really didn’t want a semi-private, as I don’t know if the patrician a section of the restaurant or not. I’ve
  15. @@beckys98 - Less than one month away, are you super excited!!! Is everything taken care of, what's left for you to do. I have 103 days left so I am knee deep and wedding planning :-) @@WesnKris congratulations! How was EVERYTHING! I'll be there in another 103 days! Whot-whot!
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