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  1. The planning is going okay. I have decided to bring over my own bouquet and instead of having them make my bouquet. I will have them make a centerpiece for the dinner instead. I am adding color by using fake rose petals as an aisle runner. My colors are brown, Burnt Orange, and Tan/Champagne. We have about 25 people coming. We have a whole weekend filled with activities. Thursday will be the welcome day, Friday excursions and rehearsal &Dinner, Saturday excursion and wedding. I believe they usually have a beach party on Saturday so we will be using that as the reception. During dinn
  2. I feel like I am on here almost everyday and just making it to the 50s!!!
  3. Hello I am a Spring 2015 Bride as well. This site is amazing and you will find so many positive things here. Don't be afraid to ask questions because thus far the Brides here are willing to help and give guidance. Happy Planning!!
  4. I am pretty upset that Rashel Edwards is not available on my wedding date which a little over a year away
  5. My sisters and bestfriend are my bridesmaids, but my FI is struggling with gm, is it crazy to have BMs and not GMs. Should I just cancel having a wedding party.
  6. I am sorry to hear that. I am having issues with my in-laws wanting to go to Jamaica period, but you know at the end of the day I don't want 30 years later to look at my pictures of a wedding that was not what we wanted. I am glad that you are getting to plan the wedding of your dreams and the medical setbacks did not keep you down!!
  7. Is it rude that I refuse to block out rooms? When we first began telling people about the wedding they had 26months! We are still a little ways away but it is still a worry that I am going to get stuck paying something I should not have to.
  8. I am interested in the sanitizers, first aid kits, chewable tablets and key chains. Is everything individually wrapped i.e. the tums?
  9. Hello are the sunglasses available. Is there any pics?
  10. I am booking Misha Earle for my wedding how did she do? Did she really interact well with you? Family? Did you have to figure out your own poses? Sorry about all the questions, I am just a little nervous about the photography since I have heard other brides horror stories.
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