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Hi Ladies!  I found so many great threads on the passport invites, that I decided to attempt a scaled-down version to use for our save the dates.  I'm happy with the way they turned out and they ended up costing less than 60 cents per passport (not including the paper/corner cutters and mounting squares since I already had them).




Paper Cutter

Corner Cutter

Double-sided Mounting Squares

8.5 x 11 Plum Metallic Card Stock (Michaels)

8.5 x 11 Gray Stationary (Staples)

Magnets (Michaels)

A1 Silver Metallic Envelopes (Envelopes.com)





Outside Cover (template on 1st page of attachment):


1) Design Logo - I designed a simple logo in PowerPoint using a palm tree image and our names.


2) Design Cover - I decided to create my template in Excel.  I'm in it all day for work so it is the software that I'm the most comfortable with.


3) Print/Finish Cover - I setup the template so it will print 4 mini passport covers on each sheet of card stock.  I separated them with the paper cutter, then folded each in half and used the corner cutter to cut the corners.  The size of folded mini passport is 2.6 x 3.75.


Print 4 per sheet - ink is actually darker than it appears in these pictures



Folded size 2.6" x 3.75"




Inside (template on 2nd page of attachment):


1) Top Half - We wrote a brief note to our guests to let them know the destination and dates.


2) Bottom Half - Included our basic wedding day information and our wedding website.


3) Print/Finish Insert - I followed the same process as above using gray stationary for the inserts.




1) I used the double-sided mounting squares to attach the insert to the inside of the cover.  The front cover is upright (portrait), but the passport must be turned on its side (landscape) to view the inside information.




2) Added a small magnet to the back. 




3) Mailed in A1 metallic envelopes.  The envelopes were a little larger than the passport, but they got the job done!




I'm going to make a generic version of my template and add it to this thread in case anyone would like to use as a starting point to make your own!

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Originally Posted by AnaSteele58 View Post


I love the idea of a mini passport.  Very cute!


they are very cute, i did the full size passport invites with boardingpass rsvp

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Here is the "blank" template!







Hi Jennifer,

I would love to see the templates you used, but because I am a NOOB I cannot see them. Would you be able to email them to me? If so, can you PM me and I will give you my email.



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