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  1. @@Mandiesue preferred club was much nicer and they catered to you more, but the only thing we really used was there free wifi. We never used their pool because we were always at the swim up bar, we bought our ipad so we didnt need their computer. The premium liquor is at the main lobby bar as well you just have to ask for it...I would get it again since we had a very nice suite and it was our honeymoon but I wouldn't recommend guests get it. As far as airfare if you fly airtran, which is what I did, if you have any flights operated by southwest in your itinerary your bags fly free to and from.
  2. @@Mandiesue the draping was an extra 160, not included in the package. The draping plus flowers is 400 extra.
  3. @@Mandiesue no there were not a lot of hidden fees when I got there whatever Yanna quoted me through email was the same when I got there. I had the ultimate package and it is worth for the extras you receive. For the ballroom there was a 300 rental fee which is the same for the restaurants but they discounted it so I only paid 200. The pier and garden gazebo there was no fee.
  4. @@fireflyhigh The vendor fee for the 150 covers all their staff, so I'm guessing that is why its so high, because my DJ came with like 5 people. My bonfire was to start at 7:30, Yanna said its better later so she pushed it back to 8:30. I had my rehearsal right before that at 6pm. I told people to eat before they came because the bonfire was so late but they served appetizers which people pretty much got full off along with the drinks. Yanna can coordinate but my aunt took over because she was the minister, but Yanna assisted us in the things we didn't know, so yes you can have her coordinate.
  5. Hello Ladies! Sorry I took so long to post but here is muy review I am doing it in sections, let me know if you have nay questions, I am going to try and read some of the previous posts and respond to questions after the review. Resort The resort was beautiful, and it is pretty big I imagined it would be much smaller but it wasnt. First let me start off with the bad, my aunt who came with the wedding party found roaches in her room. Not like the big flying roaches small German house roaches that will travel with you in your suitcase. This was an extremely hard thing to deal with, because
  6. Hi Ladies! Sorry I have been gone for so long, but my wedding went great. I am leaving today and when I get home I will post a full review for you guys. The resort is awesome, Yanna is the best, she really went all out and she is a sweetheart. I am posting some pics that I have on my phone. If you want to see more look at my Facebook page I am Nursejazz Garrett
  7. Thanks ladies! I cant wait, we got married here on Wednesday since we are only doing a symbolic ceremony down there, so I'm officially Mrs. Harris...
  8. Hey Ladies its almost time! I will be flying out in 8 days!!!! Im soo excited, just had all of my friends and bridesmaids here helping me with my programs, menus and place cards. I attached some pictures of the finished product!
  9. Hey ladies, so here some pics I attaches and sent to Yanna of what I want everything to look like. Hopefully they can bring my vision to life, I am making all the wine bottles myself which is becoming a headache.... I am not a DIY person, yet my wedding has turned into that from the invites, centerpieces, programs, menu cards etc....
  10. I got them from a wholesale company called CKBproducts. The per plate option lets you choose for 2 different main courses and the guests choose what they want when they get there. I got the sky lanterns from amazon I paid like 60.00 for 100.
  11. Hey Ladies! Its been awhile, I was just getting caught up on some posts and you guys have some great ideas! I am doing a welcome cocktail as well, since I got a promotion for it to be complimentary and we are going to let off sky lanterns on the beach. I got the menu situation fixed with Yanna and we are doing the per plate option, which is much better. I wanted to give my guests welcome bags but when I calculated the costs it was just too much, so I decided to do flasks as our favors. I got them personalized from this place online and I love them! They are so nice and affordable. Here they a
  12. It will fly by so fast! So much stuff to do, I am glad it almost here so I can relax again. I have been sooooo stressed out!
  13. I told Yanna when I did my wedding questionnaire so she could add it into the quote. I am very excited, we get married here next week, so I am really pumped for that.
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