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**NEW ITEMS ADDED** Wedding decor for destination wedding: flameless candles, burlap runners, "windproof" placecard holders and more!

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We got married on the beach in Jamaica almost a year ago and I'm finally ready to sell some of my favorite things from the wedding! I'm happy to ship (buyer pays shipping) or meet in the Atlanta area for pickup. Please only be in touch if you are a serious buyer, but I'm happy to answer any questions!  Happy Planning!


-"Irie" bag for any Jamaica brides!. We have 3 available for sale ($10 each). We used these for our OOT bags. We folded them up and tied them to raffia fans to be given to guests upon arrival. We included a "Jamaica survival kit" inside.


-OOT leftovers: 4 small bottles of "tropical dream" Calgon lotion ($2 each)

Room key card holders ($4 each for the plastic holder and wristband). We have 4 for sale.


Disposable Cameras - SOLD

5 KODAK Wedding Single Use Cameras in "Wedding Red" ($6 for each - would prefer to sell all as a set for $36). The pattern  is a rose pattern that is more pink than red - see picture). We put these on our tables and actually got a lot of great shots. These cameras are nice because they have a flash, so you end up with better quality than some disposables. We also put little stickers on the "reminding" people to use the flash - I think this helped a lot. - SOLD


“Polaroid†Camera ($50) SOLD

It is actually a Fujifilm Instax Wide but does the same thing as a Polaroid (and the film is affordable for the Fujifilm). We used it to create a photo guestbook at the reception and it is one of our favorite things from the wedding!




-15 flameless decorated and plain pillars ($2 each) - SOLD

-6 sets of 3 flameless pillar candles ($10 per set). These are really pretty and can sit out on their own. SOLD

-10 Flameless votives with holders ($1 each) - SOLD

-15 Flameless votives without holders (6 tall, 9 short) ($1 each) – These wonâ€t look great on their own – they should be decorated or used inside of lantern, holder, etc. - SOLD


-6 Burlap runners (10 feet long by 11 inches wide) ($10 each) - SOLD


-38 Wine cork place card holder with magnet to attach under runner so the wind can't knock them over. Also includes magnetic strip ($25 total)


-135 Place cards vintage style ($25 total)


-1 Box of red rose petals ($5)


-3 bags of red "decorative container filler." The beads/balls are a lightweight material and a pretty muted red color. They would be pretty in candle holders or spread out as part of table decor. One bag has been opened (not used, but opened) but the others are sealed ($12 for all three bags) - SOLD



-8 Green shamrock pomanders (kissing balls) ($5 each). (We got married on St. Patrick's Day, so this was our shout out to that - you can't tell they are shamrocks from afar though, they just look like green pomanders).


-8 shepherd hooks (approximately 19" tall in regards to item hanging. 29" total). ($2 each) - SOLD


-40 Raffia fans & 35 pieces of gold/orange sheer wire edge ribbon (approximately 2 feet each) ($40 total). (We used these to create our guest programs on chairs for the beach ceremony.) - SOLD



-12 Burlap bags (3x5 inches) ($10 total) - SOLD


-12 Lace bags (3x4 inches) ($10 total) - SOLD


-100 Plastic storage bags ($5 total) (We got married in Jamaica, so we gave out Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee as a favor. We bagged the beans ourselves and then put the coffee in the burlap and lace bags.) These are very cute for favors or as gift bags for bridal party gifts.


10 Small silver thank you tags ($5 total)



3 ivory hair flowers (bobby pin), never worn ($10) - SOLD


Long ivory wedding sash/belt with beading, never worn ($25)


-Wedding earrings and bracelet ($75)


-Shoes and purse ($30). Shoes are a 7.5. They have been lightly worn (I wore at our wedding) but are in excellent condition. I found these to be perfect for our beach ceremony - pretty AND I didn't have to worry about tripping on heels in the sand!

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Sorry - the polaroid/fujifilm camera has been sold. I got it online for around $70-75. It looks like Office Depot sells one as well as Urban Outfitters. Good luck! I really loved doing it and thing the guests enjoyed it as well. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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To clarify, the item hangs at around 19 inches. The TOTAL height of the shepherd hook (including what goes into the ground) is about 30 inches. The sale of these is pending at the moment, but I can get you an estimate for shipping if it doesn't work out. Thanks!

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    • Congratulations Amanda and welcome to the forum! Absolutely use a travel agent. You will get the best rates & personalized for you and your guests. We can definitely give you resort suggestions & answer any questions you have, but your best bet for pricing will be to contact a Canadian TA. Canadian rates are different than the US market and are typically packaged with the air plus using a Canadian TA you and your guests can pay in CAD.   Karisma resorts are known for their "gourmet inclusive" food options.  Sensatori Punta Cana is a beautiful resort that opened a few years ago. They offers a sky terrace for weddings & reception. They are next to Nickelodeon Punta Cana and share many of the same restaurants. There is an awesome waterpark for kids that is available for a nominal fee.   In Punta Cana Now Onyx is a popular option & we have stayed there twice. The food is good and adults have the added bonus of being able to go to Breathless Punta Cana which is an adults only resort next door.  Now Onyx is in the process of adding a sky terrace for weddings with reception area attached.  Royalton Resorts are another great option. Royalton Bavaro in Punta Cana has a terrace overlooking the ocean and Royalton Riviera Cancun has an open air chapel overlooking the ocean. They are great family friendly resorts.  Resort info is attached for all of these options & we have stayed at or toured all of them as well. Please take a look and let me know what questions we can answer. Thanks! Patty     Sensatori PC fact sheet.pdf Royalton Bavaro resort map.pdf Royalton Bavaro fact sheet.pdf Royalton Riviera Cancun factsheet 8.2018.pdf Royalton Riviera Cancun brochure 8.2018.pdf Royalton Riviera Cancun - Location Images 2017.pdf Royalton Riviera Cancun resort map.pdf Now Onyx Resort Map (2).pdf Now Onyx Brochure (1).pdf Now Onyx fact sheet (1).pdf
    • The most recent post I found for Azul Fives brides is here -- although it hasn't been updated much:    You can also find a Cancun-Riviera Maya FB group hosted by this forum here, that will have various info you might find helpful! https://www.facebook.com/groups/CancunRMBrides/ Since you are considering Azul Fives for your wedding, I also encourage you to check out this promotion because it could save you a good amount of money on your wedding -- the only requirement is that you use Wright Travel, which is the official travel agency of the BDW forum! But their services are free, so it's a total bonus and will be a huge help as you plan your wedding celebration Hope that helps!!!  
    • Can’t seem to find the forum for Azul Fives with the last year? If someone could post the link that would be great!  I am just starting to loosely plan my wedding and this resort is on my top list. Thanks!
    • Hi there I’ve been engaged for a few months now and we beginning to talk about our wedding. We are 33 and 34 years old, We think we want it to be in Mexico or DR. We expect about 50 guests including children. We don’t want to get married or have our reception on the beach. My Fiancé is a chef so we also would like good food! We would also like to keep the cost under $1800 per guest flying from Nova Scotia, Canada.  Any suggestions as to how or where to start the planning process? Should we use a travel agent?  Any experienced brides that can suggest a resort ? Thank you! amanda   
    • Hi! I'm from the US (but I've been to the UK 6x- my finance says i'm not allowed to move there! lol) Many resort lines don't offer something like the dress rehearsal, which I think is crazy! It's such a smart idea!  Having been to Mexico so much, I find it so much more comfortable- Yes there are dangers but I don't find it any worse than Philly or NY. It is a country that gets SO MUCH money from the service industry- it literally benefits no one to mess with tourists. Your tip money at the bar is feeding someones family. Not that the DR is any different in that it relies on tourist $, but the vibe is just totally different.  In the DR, they were really very serious about us not leaving the resorts (we did- I don't believe in staying on resorts lol). Once off, we realized why. Now, full disclosure, we went right after the 2010 earthquake, so this was a) some time ago and b) right after a natural disaster. Once we left we just felt immediately uncomfortable. (We even saw a man approaching a goat with  a large gun and the Taxi driver seemed nervous and sped away- poor goat!) I find in Mexico everyone is SO respectful- in the DR I had guys make lewd comments (both from those off the resort, and more disturbingly from workers at the resort), grabbing at me, just generally super disrespectful and not at all comforting. My dad had to kick the room service guy out of our room bc he refused to leave when we asked!  This could have been completely isolated to the staff at our specific resort, but it definitely happened off resort as well. A la Anthony Bourdain, I have always considered myself a traveller, not a tourist, so I have zero interest in staying on a resort the entire time (really I'm not in love with resorts period lol), so for me, if I can't go off resort safely, what business do I have being there at all? Also they  made be throw out my coffee before I got on the plane- the coffee I got at the food court at the gate. I'm holding that grudge LOL. A long story short- it's not on my list of returns. I can honestly say that I'm not sure I would accept an invitation to a wedding in the DR- I think I'd rather save that money and go to Mexico! (or the UK, or Iceland, or just Europe in general lol)  I don't regret going, but I'd sooner go to Mexico if I'm looking for a beach!  That's just me- millions of people go there and have a great time! I guess it really comes down to what type of traveller you are (are you okay with being on a resort and just leaving for excursions)!
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