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  1. Make an offer! I'm willing to sell these items at a lower price if you're interested. I still have the "Irie" Jamaica bags (green eco-friendly totes with "Irie" embroidered), the green pomanders, ballet flats and purse, earrings and bracelet and a few other misc items listed on the original post. Let me know - I'm ready to clear out!
  2. I will sell these for $20! Includes 38 wine cork placecard holders with magnets attached to "hook" to other side of runner. Can also include 135 vintage style cards for free!
  3. I sent you a PM. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  4. I have 8 green kissing balls for sale. I will sell for $5 each or be willing to make a deal if you want all of them. These are lightweight and can be broken down to make transporting them easy. I took them all the way to Jamaica for our wedding and back!
  5. I have a dozen burlap favor bags (3x5 inches) and a dozen lace favor bags (3x4 inches). I'll sell each set for $10 or would sell both sets together for $18. I also have some small plastic bags that fit inside if you are interested (approximately 100 bags for $5).
  6. I used these for our beach wedding and they were great. They have a magnet on the bottom of the cork and another piece that you put below the runner so that are "locked" into place and won't blow over even on a windy night. These also have grooves in the top for easy insertion of your name card. I'm selling 38 of them for $25. I have a few spare corks that don't have magnets that I would be happy to throw in as well. I also have some vintage place cards/business cards (135 of them) for sale for $25.
  7. The hooks have actually been sold, but I did pack them in a suitcase. It was a larger one that I packed a lot of decor in, but they definitely fit (I think I placed them in diagonally).
  8. I think it was Home depot or Lowe's. You might also want to check the garden sections of places like Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and even discount stores like Big Lots or Dollar stores. I feel like I've seen them from time to time in places like that. Good luck!
  9. 15 flameless, decorated pillar candles - "burned" for approximately 3 hours. Will sell for 2 a piece or a reduced price if you want all of them. Make me an offer!
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