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  1. M My husband chose a blank band and it honestly looks amazing on him! He wears it with pride and it looks great with his watch and black metal bracelet he wears sometimes.
  2. We had the Chicken and it was seriously one of the best meals we had the whole trip!
  3. We did put band aids in there and most people used them...that's an easy one though...just hit Dollar Tree for those. Electrolytes were LOVED by everyone as well so the Zip Fizz and Propel went quickly too. The other surprising thing most women used were the nail files we put in there!
  4. I w I would highly recommend the meds! Just about everyone used at least two things or more out of our survival kits! Lol
  5. From what I understand as long as you meet them outside and then place flowers where you want them there's no problem. But your wedding coordinator won't "legally" touch them if they're from an outside vendor.
  6. It depends on what package you get...ironically the "free" package includes a JP and I believe the others you have to pay. I'm sure you could have a family friend "preside" over the ceremony if its just symbolic. We qualified for the free JP and she was fabulous...especially because we secretly did the legal stuff at home first. Everything in Mexico looked legit though and she even had us sign a certificate so our guests didn't know that it was the symbolic ceremony and we'll have a secret anniversary and a "real" anniversary (our Mexican ceremony) date! Good luck! (Also Elsa takes quite a while to respond...and that's putting it nicely...so if you have questions feel free to ask)
  7. Oops...they WEREN'T staying at a rival resort...they have houses there
  8. We paid for our guests day passes (they're actually locals who live in Cancun so I argued the cost because they weren't coming to hang out at our resort for the day and we're staying at a rival resort) because technically it's their reception meal etc... You're not asking your other guests to pay for their reception meal so you wouldn't ask them either. Now if they come and choose to hang out and use the faculties all day perhaps figure out the difference between the prices of the reception etc (food, cocktail hour) for your guests staying at other resorts vs the guests staying at your resort and suggest they pay the difference? They don't have to know the cost per person...you figure that out and then say "hey, are you planning to come use the pool and restaurants all day? The resort requests you pay $10 in order to take advantage of all their facilities" type of thing...and you pay the rest. Does that make any sense? Lol
  9. Hope that wasn't confusing...she held the microphone why secretly whispering in my ear what I needed to say out loud into the microphone for my vows. She was very professional and sweet! You'll meet with whoever you pick before the wedding (ours we met two days before) and they go over everything with you!! These are professionals who know what they're doing I was impressed at the fact that even though she must do a million of these a year she still made it very personal towards us which to me was very important...nobody wants to feel like a cookie-cutter couple during their ceremony! 😉
  10. Don't freak out!! I had planned on re-writing it all with a knot tying ceremony etc. and by the time we rolled into Mexico I had zero energy left (or budget...which is why we legally secretly did the paperwork in Texas before we left) and left it all up to the officiant. She was fabulous...not too soppy or overly religious (we're not overly religious). She had met us once but had figured out who we were and made a point during the ceremony of pointing out that we make eye contact through everything which shows that we share a love that has communication etc. She also had everything memorized and recited a poem about our hands that hold each other through the years etc etc etc...but it was sweet and not soppy. Then she asked for two witnesses to come forward to sign our paperwork...everything looked very authentic, she proclaimed "by the power invested in me and the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico" etc etc. Very official looking all of it!! She had asked us if we wanted to recite our own vows which we declined, and at that point we also vetoed the knot tying ceremony since I was completely burned out and didn't want to waste another second planning/rewriting things when I could be relaxing with our guests. She was also a rock star in that she asked if we'd like to hold the microphones. I declined knowing I wanted to hold Bill's hands and I would be nervous, so she held it for me while whispering what I needed to say into the microphone during the vows. Couldn't have gone smoother and I'm happy we paid for the simple ceremony video just so we can watch and hear the words forever. And of course we will forever have the Speedo man standing behind us during our vows as a hysterical memory for the rest of our lives as well!! Lolol!
  11. AMAZING teasers!! You're making me wish I had done a trash the dress!! Hmmmm...how weird would it be to do on our year anniversary?? Lololol
  12. Hi girls! These are three photos that I have now...I ended up turning around at the altar thanks to the wind and my veil! Lol! I agree on the crying part! It all seems like a dream now! First dance: Dancing with my dad:
  13. I'm so jealous you all have photos already! I have a few teasers but our photographers took over 6,000 photos over the 3 days!! It may be years before we get them! Lol
  14. You may have a problem...I don't know if its any consultation but we had a symbolic ceremony and signed a certificate with our father's as witnesses and nobody knew it wasn't "the real" thing...the person who performed the ceremony said exactly what we wanted her too...so IF you run into a problem you could probably have your priest or officiant say what you previously wanted and sign papers and nobody would know any different! Good luck...it'll all work out (and may save you some money in the process too)
  15. A Absolutely These people are used to brides and a smile and sweet tone goes a long way
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