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  1. veryvalentine, You mention Love and Lace. Do you have contact details? thanks
  2. Hi there, I PM'd you on September 29th to see if these were still available. Wondering if you got it. Thanks Bonnie
  3. Interested in a few things. Sent you a PM Thanks Bonnie
  4. Wow Lydia, What a great idea. I would love to incorporate something similar. It would be great if you could post the template. If you would prefer, I can PM you with my address if you would sooner email it. Thanks for the inspiration
  5. Sarah, I just checked the seller's store, since my link that I posted is out of date. I see that if you buy individually, they are over $3, but if you scroll through the store, (I searched "phone"), there is a 30 piece lot for $34.50. I would STILL message the seller though, and let him know that "your friend" bought a few months ago for $27.00, and even send him my link, ....... see if you can get the price down a little bit from $34.50 Good Luck Bonnie
  6. I would message the seller, and let him know the quantity you are interested in,that you were referred by someone who purchased before, what I paid for them, and ask what price he would sell to you for. The sizing is great !! I checked with my iPhone, and it was not too big.Also checked with a friends Blackberry, and it was ok too. They seemed a little stiff to open, so I just used the hairdryer trick to warm them up a little bit. I also made a sticker for the front of them. Hope it works out for you, Bonnie
  7. Sarah, I purchased something similar on Ali Express. I purchased a 30 piece lot for $27.00 from Seller : Perfect New World Here are a few pictures, and the link to my purchase. Not sure if they are still selling for the same price, but it is definitely less than you found them for on EBay. Here is the link http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/220265871.html Here are some pictures Hope it helps you out.
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