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  1. You looked absolutely beautiful!!!!! We just got back so I am trying to catch up on all of the threads. Hope it was everything you had hoped for!
  2. @Wafflesmom Thank you!! Yours will be here before you know it! @@calgarybride2015 Thank you so much! They wanted us to move the wedding inside as there was a chance of rain. I stuck to my guns and glad that I did...we didn't see a drop of rain
  3. Thank you for the well wishes! I will be back with more details once I get settled. But here is a photo
  4. @@acw271011 Congrats!!! Glad to hear the weather turned around for you!!! Hoping it does the same for me on Tuesday!!! Enjoy the rest of your stay - I'll be back in a week to check for pictures <3
  5. Leaving tomorrow!!!! I wanted so bad to update this more often, but between the stresses of dealing with the resort and it finally hitting me that my baby brother won’t be by my side….I just didn’t get on here as much as I would have liked. Thanks to all of you ladies for all of your advice and encouragement over the past few months!!
  6. @@Wafflesmom Thank you! I haven't much here on my planning thread because planning certainly hasn't been easy when it comes to dealing with my WC. I am very excited, a little nervous about the weather as they are calling for rain from now until Wednesday - I know that it's out of my control. But I don't want a rainy beach wedding! Fingers crossed there is a change in weather...and soon!
  7. @@calgarybride2015 Thank you! Our appointment was for 3pm, we were a couple minutes early and walked out of there at 3:05. Very short and sweet. 5 days until we leave for Mexico!
  8. @@Sandraco8 This makes me feel a little better about the forecast for our wedding next week. Hoping a week out, there could still be some changes in weather. Glad to hear you had nice weather for yours! @@acw271011 I've been watching it too, here's to hoping we get better weather than what they are reporting!
  9. @@calgarybride2015 I might be switching it to my song to walk down to also. I have until tomorrow to decide
  10. @@acw271011 I am jealous of your connection with your WC. I pratically have to pull details out of her. I have asked her a million times for my wedding calculator and she said she will get it to me. They can't be too concerned about getting their money! Have you checked the weather at all? I am trying not to watch the weather too much, because it just makes me panic. Are you all set to go??
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