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Can somebody PLEASE help? I just spent 4 hours and have about 25 printouts next to me.. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to set the margins or determine what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to print out the front page, no problem. Trying to flip the paper and print the 2nd page, no problem..


Trying to fold into a three panels.. problem! The type on the front and back aren't aligning so when I make a fold, it cuts the column on the inside. I tried moving the far right column so that everything is more centered on the page, but that causes the text to cut off when I print. AH!!!


I borrowed this template from Ann and someone else. Copy and pasted all my info and still isn't working..


Do you girls remember your settings? or any clues on what I'm doing wrong? I really need to mail this out and I'm about ready to print two pieces of paper, stuff together and mail them out!

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Alright! It's 10:30 and I just finished this project.. so nobody else has to spend hours trying to figure this out.....



Here's our final document.

The key to using the brochure template is to make sure the columns are all the same width. (Table- Table Properties)


To print 2-sided and have the columns align. Under Format- Document. make sure mirror margins is selected.


I didn't really use Microsoft Word before all these wedding projects. What I learned is if I can figure it out, so can you.. just takes some patience and playing around with settings AND use someone else's templates!! :) I'll post all my templates on my final stuff post.


Here's our final document. I used Adobe Garamond for the text and Amaze Normal for the script. Thank you to everyone who's text I "borrowed". I know my guests are going to love the spanish phrases. I'm going to print the entire list to put with their welcome letter.


Photos and conf. info were removed. I printed on white cardstock and they came out pretty good.


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