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Hey Everyone!


I thought I would share my boarding pass invites, since most others did. Of course I have to thank Alyee for her template for the boarding pass ( http://www.ayleebits.com/templates.htm ) My FI and I worked very hard, these ones are one of the last so that are probably not up to par with the one's at the beginning! LOL


Of course I have to thank all the BDW ladies for all of their input and assistance/ ideas.


I bought all of my supplies at Staples, Michael's & Wal-Mart.


First Pic is how the guest receives it (minus the envelope, stamp etc...)





As you open the invite...




Front page of boarding pass...





2nd page of invites...





3rd page of invites...





last page of invites...





Of course I printed the "Not a Valid Travel Voucher" on the back of the invites. We've sent out about 65 of them so far and we have gotten so many compliments!! :)

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