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  1. So it's 1h30 for bridal appointments and 45 min for bridemaids Hi ZoeyJane ! Pretty dress ! How was the fitting ?
  2. Yeah... I don't know.. I'm really pissed.. now that I know that it's not an accident... anyways.. every morning I wake up with new plans. At first my parents told me to keep my date which I agreed on, and the day after they told me that they know me, and my sister and I being so close, I would regret all my life if she wasn't next to me...So I thought of pushing it a month or even doing it here (thing I NEVER wanted) and then this morning I kinda want to cancel the whole thing. I'm feeling pushed in a corner, like my wedding is now an inconvenient for everyone you know ?!... Also, being 4 yea
  3. I'm getting married in October (the 2nd). As for the symbolic wedding... at first I was into the legal procedure because I really wanted that day to be our official date. First thing that discourage me was that I would have to wait and see for the judge availability, at that time I wanted to reserve my date right away to be able to send my save the date. Second thing was that I didn't want to pay all the extra fees for translation of document, go to notary for some kind of declaration and then have to send our passports + 2 as witness at the embassy... and then once we are married, wait a good
  4. Hi ladies, I'm also opting for a symbolic ceremony, we'll be doing the ''real'' one here about a month before we leave. We have decided that we will celebrate our anniversaries each year on the date of the symbolic and we also plan to travel every year around that time OK now I need to announce something and vent a little ha ha, I learned yesterday that my only sister (MOH & bestfriend) is pregnant...... and guess when she would be due ???? YEP, exactly the date that we leave for Punta Cana.....................................
  5. Hi, you can send them an email request at : gruposgrandbavaro@iberostar.com.do and one of their wedding coordinator will respond normally in 48H
  6. alright !!!!!!!! Let me know how it goes hihi Do you know hor long they give for appointments ? And do you know if there's a limit of people that can come with you?
  7. Hey AndyB So happy to see that there is still someone on here haha So are you sure to have 50 guests for the steakhouse ? To have it private in the steak house, WC says I need 50 guests... I'll try to convince them again once I know how many people are attending. After all, I'd pay the 1000$ for it AND it's low season so it wouldn't affect the resort really... I'm also working on my formal invites, should be sent out beginning of April ... and I'm going dress shopping in February
  8. that's a good plan, I might copy you, May 31st sounds perfect Btw girls I'm going dress shopping Feb. 11 !!!! I'm going to try David's bridal, there are 2 stores location at 2 hours drive from my house on 2 opposite sides ! One in the US the other one in Ottawa. I wonder if the selection would be greater in the US store.... what do you all think ?
  9. how long will you give them to RSVP ? I was thinking of sending them mid-March (only because I don't want to wait too long to get new quotes from TA) but I don't know how long to give them to respond. I don't want to give them too long, because they are going to forget about it.. lol The ultimate deadline for me to know exactly the number of guest is end of July , since I plan on ordering all my goodies and stuff at that time to give me enough time for shipments coming from China etc.
  10. AHHHHHHH OK and for OOT bags .. you did 30 of them ?!
  11. Hi favorsmr our dates as so close !!!! Do you already know how many guests you're having ?
  12. Well I'm not normal either than... I know that there is certainly not a majority of us like that but blah. Hang in there.. you still have a whole year and 4 months to go lol Make a list and do one thing at the time.. This forum makes every step more fun and easier too !
  13. I made one in EXCEL, I will try to upload it, you just have to put your own numbers ... budget wedding.xls
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