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Any other 2014 brides here getting an early start?

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#4451 niknic456

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    Posted 13 August 2013 - 05:18 PM

    Originally Posted by moodyc82 

    Ladies......I was a complete bridezilla last night.....and I think it is spreading into today as well. I need to vent a bit.....My FI's father is a worthless drunk. In the 3.5yrs we've dated he has never been around and my FI doesn't have a relationship with him. When my FI graduated the police academy this scum didn't show up b/c my FI didn't call him on his birthday......oh I'm sorry, but it was 3days before he graduated and passing the academy was a little bit more important. Moving on......so that christmas he decided to take Roy and his brother out to dinner and gave him a check for like $200 for a "graduation present". OK.....so that was 2011......now we never have really had contact with him since. We got engaged March 16th, Roy called his father to tell him we are engaged.....his father decided he wanted to take us out to dinner to celebrate our engagement. Well, this was April 4th I believe that we went (first saturday in April) and we are sitting in the parking lot of the restaurant waiting for his worthless father when we suddenly get a call from him (mind you it's 5pm). He calls and says he's lost........we immediately knew he was drunk b/c we were at the restaurant they always go to for the last 30yrs.......well, Roy gives him directions. 10mins later his father calls again that he's been in an accident.....at this point he is SO intoxicated that he can't even tell us where he is. Well every min for 15mins this SOB kept calling us asking when we will get there.....well we tell him to put a cop on the phone and he does and we find out where he is (literally 5mins from the restaurant). We go and there's 3 cop cars and a motorcycle cop and the damn women he hit. Well get this, this SOB hit this women at a light, and than drove 5miles away trying to escape......Well, it would of helped if he didn't leave his damn liscence plate at the scene of the accident!!!!!!! So, all he keeps asking Roy is "what are you going to do for me". Well, he gets arrested after failing the test, IN FRONT OF US. We end up having to call his brother to go sign him out b/c Roy can't because of his job and I can't b/c I'm his future wife. Well, lets just say they did this man a HUGE favor as far as not throwing the book at him. 3hrs after they arrest him they made him blow.....he blew a .30........3hrs later!???!!!~?! So we have to drive him home b/c they impounded his car....so the whole ride home he acts like nothing is wrong....and that now we're going to have to be a taxi service to him........They take him to court on that Monday and he gets his lis. taken away for 7months and when he gets it back he has to have the machine put in his car to have it be able to start when he blows in it........WELL, the next day while he's at work his mother (roy's grandma) (96yrs old) falls down the stairs and breaks her hip, shoulder, and leg. So now this SOB expects us to drive him back and fourth to the hospital every single day (they're 40mins from us). This went on until she finally died on June 15th......Now on father's day Roy decided to be the bigger person and call him, well the father wants to go out to dinner......we go and this SOB has a siezure at the diner b/c he didn't drink for 8hrs.....we rush him to the hospital and he tells the doctors and everyone else he doesn't drink......seriously?! So I left the room, not sure what was said to him by Roy and his brother but I know whatever it was it was harsh. Well, he was released the next day and given detox drugs and asked for us to go to dinner.....do you see a patern here? I never actually get to eat the dinner I'm invited to.......well, he acts like NOTHING happened. Nothing.....the doctor told him he is dying b/c of the drinking and he pretends like nothing is wrong.......I have not seen the man since. And since March I said he was uninvited to the wedding, that I'm not babysitting him in another country and I'm not having my wedding day ruined. Well, yesterday my FI was with his mother (ugh another long story, MONSTER-in-law) and she tells him he's actually been sober and that maybe we should think about inviting him.....girls I lost it.....I mean absolutely lost it and flipped out and said I didn't care if he was the king of Prussia and had a check for $2million dollars that I did not want him there and if he wanted him there than we are calling off the destination wedding and we'll go get married in Vegas.....I just can't deal with him being at the wedding with the thought of unlimited alchol around and available 24/7.....am I being an ass?

    Trust me I totally get what you are saying and of course nobody wants their wedding ruined or to even have the thought that a guest let alone a parent would ruin the wedding. However, at the end of the day that is your FI's father and in turn will become your father. If it wasn't for that drunk, you would not be marrying the love of your life.  My father also has a drinking problem and has put my family through hell all 35 years of my life.....but NEVER in a million years would I not invite him to share in the most important day of my life because of his unsavory behavior. All I can say is that if you do not get along with your FI's parents and hold so much disgust in your heart, that is not a good sign and sooner or later it's going to affect your marriage in a negative way. In my opinion I think you should give your FFIL the opportunity to share in his sons special day or let your FI make the final decision and stand by whatever that decision may be. Just my opinion....or when all else fells make a pina colada!!!!

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      Posted 13 August 2013 - 05:31 PM

      My Goodness Ladies my my we've been busy!! I am so far behind.  I will try to catch up please forgive me if I miss some post.

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        Posted 13 August 2013 - 05:51 PM

        you all did a lot of chatting today....still reading

        #4454 tyrebride2b2013

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          Posted 13 August 2013 - 05:54 PM

          Originally Posted by moodyc82 

          We are going to get two starfish!





          OK so I need to mini rant.....my vistaprint order made it to my post office on saturday.......yet when I check the delivery status it says it won't be delivered until wednesday.....WTF?! It's just gonna hang out in the post office for 3 days???

          sucks hope your package came by now

          #4455 tyrebride2b2013

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            Posted 13 August 2013 - 06:01 PM

            Originally Posted by RaynDrop 


            Hmm IDK - from the 5 I posted - everyone that has replied likes the second one the best..... so it seems to me that we should do that one.   Everyone agree?


            Since we definitely need two - should we do two of the same?


            Also, (OF COURSE) since we all have amazing taste that is the most expensive one out of the ones I posted.....  I'd be happy to chip in on them since it isn't really fair to make the first two ladies buy them.  - I found it on Amazon - I forget exactly how much it is... I wasn't smart enough to save it to my wish list - so let me find it again -haha


            Also,  Once they go through all our weddings - what do we do with them??  haha

            I;m fine with whatever you ladies decide since i've missed a few day I will keep reading..hahahha 

            #4456 tyrebride2b2013

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              Posted 13 August 2013 - 06:04 PM

              Originally Posted by pzl101 




              Thanks! I actually feel like i've been nothing compared to the rest of you ladies! But I feel a lot better after this weekend ...


              one girlfriend is all about helping make centerpieces and decor, another friend who is really into music volunteered to put together playlists (we're skipping a DJ since we're such a small party)


              less than 10 months!

              congrats on picking your dress and getting thigs accomplished great feeling

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                Posted 13 August 2013 - 06:05 PM

                Originally Posted by tyrebride2b2013 

                I;m fine with whatever you ladies decide since i've missed a few day I will keep reading..hahahha 

                this is the one that "everyone" seems to like


                http://www.amazon.co...arovski Crystal


                #4458 tyrebride2b2013

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                  Posted 13 August 2013 - 06:11 PM

                  Originally Posted by lorcas 

                  Ladies I don't know if I ever posted my wedding site!

                  I told my FI that since we are both tech nerds that I would much rather have an awesome wedding website over flowers (I know I'm strange). So we both decided to put more work into our site!

                  It's not completely to the point I want it to be but here it is!


                  great site

                  #4459 tyrebride2b2013

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                    Posted 13 August 2013 - 06:21 PM

                    Originally Posted by pongyang2001 

                    here's my wedding website. some pages are still under construction. code 18253



                    Originally Posted by hclibby1982 

                    You're website is seriously amazing, it's professional quality. Mine is not NEARLY as exciting but I really liked looking at everyone else's. It's nice to put faces to you lovely gals and here your stories so here is mine


                    Oh my. That one is lovely.

                    Love this

                    This bouquet is beautiful


                    Originally Posted by RaynDrop 


                    aw I tried to look but it gave me an error : (

                    i got the same error 

                    #4460 zeman321

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                      Posted 13 August 2013 - 06:36 PM

                      this is the one that "everyone" seems to like http://www.amazon.co...arovski Crystal

                      Too funny! I bought that one for my daughter to use as her something blue. Bought it about6 months ago. It' very pretty in person!

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