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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! That's so exciting!!!! The cocktail hour is not necessary esp if your guests are like mine and plan to stick around to see you take photos. I believe the crazy hour/extra hour was worth it for my group. The time goes by fast in between the dances and dinner, dessert etc. and we love to dance. So it was worth it for me. I wish I could have afforded to extend it another hour but no go.
  2. Hi Trish, Thank you! I actually did bring everything down there myself including my table frames and make the table names at home. I also brought my own purple sand for the centerpieces and napkins. I carried a lot of crap lol. Your day will be beautiful. It always says rain. It did rain in the morning of my TTD session but by 1:30 it had cleared up. So don't worry, can't wait to see your photos! Hi Reign, yes it's bitter sweet, I'm looking forward to planning the next family vacation tho. What date are you getting married now?
  3. @@DrVic, Thank you so much! I answered your questions in red. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. So here's my long awaited review: I got married at BBPD on March 8, 2014 on the pier. We had about 55 pple total. We arrived on Thursday March 6, 2014 and had originally booked the jr suite deluxe club premium room and received our automatic upgrade to the master suite oceanview. I met with Ramona that day (Susana was my original WC but she is gone now), dropped off the wedding materials and went over last minute details. We ended up on the pier for the ceremony and Bar Higuey for the reception. I spent the next day just greeting guests and doing my favors. Wedding Day: I went to the spa at 1:30 to start getting ready for my big day. I did my manicure as my nails were chipped and my hair and makeup. I was ready by 4pm when HDC Photos walked into the spa and asked my BM to direct them to the bridal suite (where I got ready). I got the photo and video service from them and paid the vendor fee. I can't remember the videographer's name but Merlyn was the photographer. Both were great. Very patient and friendly. My wedding started late as Ramona couldn't find Pastor York (there were 2 other weddings there, so be sure to communicate with Pastor York about where your ceremony is, the resort is huge, and I had to pay a day pass for him). My ceremony on the pier was BEAUTIFUL. People can't stop raving about Pastor York and his service. I did not do a cocktail hour and I am so happy that I didn't pay for it, b/c my guests never left the beach as we did the photo sessions (just like I knew dominicans wouldn't), they stayed and took their own photos. My reception started at 7 at Bar Higuey and I had the DJ/MC package with DJ Mannia. My MC was German the Mexican. He was so great with keeping track of the time and keeping me on schedule and very helpful with some last minute song changes and cutting out the bouquet/garter toss. Dinner was great, most of my guests chose the beef and were happy for it. Most people who chose chicken wish they chose the beef. The creme brulee is to die for. After dinner, German announced that everyone had to come to the dance floor, or there will be no music played. Everyone came to the dance floor and we danced the night away. We did extend the reception as we did the crazy hour. And I am so happy for the crazy hour. My husband's family is from St. Vincent so we had a mini carnaval! My only regret was I was too busy dancing and didnt eat cake and I didn't pay to keep HDC Photos there the whole time and now i wish i had prof photos of the crazy hour. I have no complaints. I want to get married again next year! Everyone had a blast and I'm a little biased but really you girls did choose the best resort. You get what you pay for and you will not be disappointed I promise! I'm sure there are a million questions I haven't answered. I'm mostly on FB now so you girls can look me up if you have any questions. My FB name is Jalitza Poveda Toussaint. Here is the blog that HDC recently did for me: http://www.hdcphoto.com/jalitza-shemels-wedding-barcelo-palace-deluxe-punta-cana/ and the rest of my photos: www.jalimelwedding.shutterfly.com
  5. Tina who??? Whoo?? I promise to write my review tonight. Just been busy with apartment hunting Haha nevermind tina, diana is your soror! Her brother went to school with me and her cousin is also getting married at bbpd in July and that's my friend too! Small world indeed! I sent you a follow request in insta
  6. Items for Sale 1.25 lavender napkins$12.50 2.25 gray napkins$12.50 3.4 lavender runners$8.00 4.4 grey runners$8.00 5.25 lavender chair sashes$20.00 6.25 grey chair sashes$20.00 8.1 white rhinestone bride tank top size S$6.00 9.Lavender beach chair cake topper$22 11.Beach couple cake topper in box$25 13.White Bridal shoes (size 6, 3inches, never actually worn)$35 14.Black Groom socks(still in package) $4 15.5 black groomsman socks (still in package)$20 16.Beach ball (in package)$1 17.Box of shells and net$6 18.Allure 8862 REPLICA Dress (worned once, size 0/1, cut to fit 5’3 height) $95 Items_for_Sale (3).bmp
  7. Hi Girls, My husband and I recently got married at the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe on March 8, 2014 (we did have to pay the vendor fee). My wedding started at 5pm on the pier and Merlyn and the videographer (i unfortunately didn't catch his name) arrived at the spa where I was getting ready at 4pm. I was still getting my hair done and they simply asked my bridesmaid to direct them to where the bridal suite was so that they could start taking photos of my dress, shoes, bouquet etc. It was nice to leave all of this in the hands of HDC who just exuded professionalism and experience in what they do. Merlyn made me feel so comfortable in taking my getting ready photos and then went to meet my husband at the pier for some shots of him. The day went by smoothly. Merlyn was very patient with my group who insisted on their individual group photos with me and my husband and kept us on track the whole time. We also did our TTD session with HDC and were happy to see Merlyn in the lobby ready to shoot. He took some amazing photos of us and was very warm and welcoming. If you are on the fence about getting the video....DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so in love with our video, they really did a great job and we couldn't be happier with the photos and the video.
  8. Hi Tricia, The djs are mute unless you get the MC lol. I told my WC I want DJ Mannia and I reached out to him myself and he said i'd have to go through my WC and she hasn't gotten back to me and im 2 weeks out. Mannia did follow up with me to see if my wc gave me the info i needed and i know he is available so we will see.
  9. Hi Girls I'm 29 days out and I have a question, since i can't seem to get a straight answer. If we get the dj package without the MC, does that mean the dj stays mute and doesn't announce the first dance, etc etc
  10. Hi Girls!!!! I've been MIA!!!! 50 days left to the big day! and I have a total of 33 booked. Tangerine package with the pier for the ceremony.
  11. Im wondering if they're all locked out still. 86 days to go and planning is a slow process. BOOO
  12. Has anyone heard from the WCs? Seems for the last 3 weeks, they've gone rogue
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