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  1. What websites are brides using for program fans? (I don't want DIY.)
  2. I need ideas! Our destination wedding is in Punta Cana but we are getting married in a chapel. So, I don't know if flipflops or sandals would be appropriate. The guys will be wearing light beige linen pants and white guayaberas. Please post pics and links.
  3. @muitoquerida - I agree with Aumuller. Show him pics. I just brought it up and he didn't question it but other people "understood" more when I showed them pictures online. And this way, you get two opportunities to wear your dress and get pictures with it. Good luck!
  4. I ordred std magnets that have our date and website on them. In addition to the magnet, I want to mail a flyer stating the group rates. I want it to be something simple but nice. I have a photo that I'm thinking of using as the background. My questions are: 1. What computer program can I used for this. (Preferably one that's free.) 2. What type of paper should I buy? Glossy? Any brand in particular? I do have a nice color printer I recently purchased so these should come out nice. I just need some guidance because I've never done anything on the computer like this before.
  5. Whatever your TA gets has to be better than what's available online. That's the whole purpose of a group rate. Your guests should not be able to find anything cheaper online, etc.
  6. You should be able to get the best deal with a TA. Distributors give travel agents prices that are not available to the general public. However, a travel agents may deal with multiple distributors so the lowest group rate they can get for you depends on what their distributors offer. Some distributors are also not very quick to respond to travel agents. My TA is my brother so he's been giving me a play by play. I'm still in the process of getting my group rate for July 2011. My TA has been making calls for over a week now. And the distributor he suspects will be the cheapest hasn't responded to his calls yet. So we're holding out a bit.
  7. I wanted my fiance to see my dress too but I'm trying to keep it a surprise!
  8. Love these pics! Can't wait to trash my dress! Our photographer told us to bring props so I'm scanning the web for ideas.
  9. Cathy & Jorge - July 7, 2011 - Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe
  10. We visited the resort last week and booked our July 2011 Catholic wedding. If anyone has any questions about this resort, feel free to ask!
  11. Dreams took a while to respond to me too. And it was hard getting an appointment to meet with a WC. Apparently, they are pretty booked as far as consulation meetings.
  12. Thanks! Was there anything for kids there? Pool, activities, anything? A few of my close friends have small children/babies. Also, do they have a chappel, gazebo or what else for the ceremonies? Â We're going at the end of October to check out a few resorts. Right now, I'm leaning towards Barcelo Bavaro Princess Deluxe because the wedding planner there is incredibly helpful already. I'm only a little nervous because of all the bad reviews on tripadvisor.com. But then again, I looked at Melia which I loved and that one also has bad reviews. I have to see Moon Palace thought. It looks amazing online. Â
  13. This is one of the resorts I'm considering for my wedding next year. Any comments?
  14. Thanks! I'm hoping for on or around July 1 of next year. Consertively estimating around 40 guests.
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