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Trying to Elope in Cancun area. HELP!!!

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Im starting to go crazy. We have emailed hotels and they all want us to use their packages. That would be fine but most are $1000 at the cheapest and its a cake for 10-20 people, chair set up and everything for a wedding.


Does anyone know if we can just have a simple beach wedding? or if anyone has an eloping package. I dont mind paying if its for stuff we want and can use.


Dream wedding would be

heart in the sand, arch or flowers on each side, but these are not a must.


I found a cheap photographer as long as the hotel lets us bring him in. We havent booked a hotel because we want the wedding plans

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Dear Tammy :  I wanted to share with you  our  basic  package , we could exchange the chairs for the minister  if  you would like...check our basic package , It is  attached.






Please review it  and let me know  if you would like something like this on the beach!


My email is sandy@ultimatemexicoweddings.com



Ultimate Ceremony Decor.pdf

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Originally Posted by Tamyjacob View Post


Thanks I just sent you an email


There are beautiful beach area in the Riviera Maya, that permits you to have what you want, no obligations to any packages and so on. 


let me know if you still need help and I will be happy to assist you.


feel free to email me PM or check out my website on http://www.dreamweddingsrivieramaya.com/


Happy Planning

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