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  1. Dear All , I hope you are having a great planning , I wanted to share with you that Ultimate Mexico Weddings has its own Flower design departament that give us opportunity to offer you a goord pricing on line with quality. We offer the service to take sample to you prior the wedding and also we are english speaking. We have this special package for October and November weddings in case you may be interested. We have much more options but this an special!! Have a great planning , if you need any assistance you let us know ! our email is info@ultimatemexicoweddings.com You can read about us below : http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/79559/hello-everyone-a-brief-introduction-for-ultimate-mexico-weddings#post_1765089 Thank you!! Sandy
  2. Dear Broom Jumper : How are you? Please check our package attched , it covers decor flowers , minister etc.... Do you have a certain location yet? Please check our package attched Did you select a certain location? Regards Sandy Ultimate Ceremony Intimate.pdf
  3. Dear Lenka , Hi Welcome to the forum , I know the Villa it is very exclusive are in Cancun near to the Presidente Hotel , I have had couple of dinners there .... If you would like I post some pictures you let me know , Please NOTE , they dont have a website.My email is sandy@ultimatemexicoweddings.com Regards Sandy
  4. Dear Tammy : I wanted to share with you our basic package , we could exchange the chairs for the minister if you would like...check our basic package , It is attached. Please review it and let me know if you would like something like this on the beach! My email is sandy@ultimatemexicoweddings.com Sandy! Ultimate Ceremony Decor.pdf
  5. Hello Ladies , We would like to present to all of you our Flower Special for October and November Weddings , We have a great price that includes the following: ž01 Brides Bouquet (Pearl Selection) ž01 Grooms Botoniere žBamboo Canopy with Flowers žAisle Runner in white or sand color ž01 Ceremony Centerpiece ž03 Bags of petals for the aisle žFlower girl Basket žRing Bearer Pillow You can read about us in the following linkhttp://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/79559/hello-everyone-a-brief-introduction-for-ultimate-mexico-weddings#post_1765089 Ultimate Flowers Promo.pdf
  6. Dear Kmoh : I was looking into the forum and noticed that you were looking for different options for wedding coordinators, I would like to introduce myself I am a wedding planner based in Cancun and Riviera Maya, you can find a brief introduction of our company in the link below http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/79559/hello-everyone-a-brief-introduction-for-ultimate-mexico-weddings#post_1765089 We have a very good deals with different vendors in the area that offer nice prices to our clients , specially in terms of decor , furniture , since we are in Alliance with one of the largest decor companies in Cancun called Gama Group. We have our own floral designer and pastry chef that give us the oppotunity to give you very competitive prices. Please if you may need answers or have further questions just let me know, my email is sandy@ultimatemexicoweddings.com You can find more info about us :http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/ultimate-mexico Cordially Sandy
  7. Dear Blomelin : I have been in around 600 weddings all of them among Riviera Maya and I can teel you that all the resorts you mentioned are experts in weddings and beautiful in my experience based in logistic , attetion , customer service and food and beverage quality I would say the following order: 1.Now Sapphire , it has better beach and outside Location , the food and wedding service is very good. MEXICAN FEEL 2.Barcelo, large resort very nice locations and wedding facilities , offer different options for your guests in terms of rates MEXICAN CASUAL FEEL 3. Dreams Riviera , new resort is beautiful MODERN AND MARBLE 4. Now Jade , very modern nice facilities , limited beach but has a nice air conditioning room . MODERN AND CHIC FEEL 6. Moon palace so big , they may have 6 weddings a day , they have a new designed collection so chic and modern , they may offer variety in rates too. I hope this information help you , we provide flower decor to some Barcelo Brides so I can tell you that logistic and expertise of the coordinator there is awsome . Our furniture division handle all the decor part for Moon Palace through Gama Group so I can tell you how beautiful and elegant are.... Good luck and welcome to the forum Sandy
  8. Dear Jasmin B : Usually the database of the DJ is so big , I recomend you you make list with the MUST play songs and also the DONOT PLAY list , you also should select the first dance , father and dd , son and mother songs...., sometimes the brides bring in their Ipos the MUST play list. It is very important you meet with the DJ before or at least tell you wedding coordinator those 3 lists....I am sure that the DJ will know what to play after he see these lists Sandy
  9. Dear Blomelin : The secrets Capri resort is so beautiful , they have anice beach also a beautiful deck where the do the reception . I like that is an small resort so you can easily go to the pool and to the beach , the service is excellent , and their wedding packages are very nice ... I will look in my picture data base and try to find pictures Sandy
  10. OMG....how exciting..I can see 2013 calendar around the corner...congratulations to all of you , you will find alot of interesting information here ...please let us know if Ultimate could provide you any info to make your planning smoothly.... Congratulations to all of you! Sandy
  11. OMG this is offcial ....2013 is around the corner ....Welcome to all the brides 2013 you will find this forum fascinating!!! Regards Sandy
  12. Jessicalk , I saw your post and I thought it would be interesting for you our photobooth service please check services , our photo booth is the little box in the picture below flyer_dbx_-_english.pdf
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