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Show us your Wedding Flat Sandals!

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Have your checked out Spring.  I was just in there the other day and they had tons of flat sparkly sandals.

Originally Posted by KristieT View Post

Hi Ladies,


I have been on the hunt for a dressy/sparkly pair of flat sandals! I would love to see what everyone has found!

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Here are some others...


Glaare:  http://www.stevemadden.com/Item.aspx?id=61717&np=709_854

Wizardd:  http://www.stevemadden.com/Item.aspx?id=64770&np=709_854

Mistah:  http://www.stevemadden.com/Item.aspx?id=93796&np=709_854

Beaming:  http://www.stevemadden.com/Item.aspx?id=60829&np=709_854  (very similar to the brides)


And some outside of SM:





Google things like "beaded" or "sparkle" along with flat sandals or check out stores like zappos.com which has a whole load of shoes and the shipping is free both ways, so if you don't like them when they arrive, you can just send them back!


Good luck!!

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