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2013 Now Larimar Brides !!! Any out there ???

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Congrats and welcome Chrisdeluca & Smithk70 J


I would just buy a calling card and call the resort as thatâ€s how we were able to get a hold of the wedding coordinators. I emailed them over a week ago for information on their wedding packages but no reply as Susan said they are probably really busy.


We sent out save the dates just to give everyone a heads up about 4 months ago but if your going to send out invitations right away thereâ€s no use especially if you want to cut back on costs.


I was dealing with a Christine at the resort as she is in the wedding department she does Dreams and Now weddings. We just bought an international calling card and called as it seemed to be the best way to get quicker answers.

I never read about the hidden costs but I am prepared for it as Iâ€m sure they donâ€t list everything in their package lists and or if you want to get extras. 

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:-) Vista Print did my invites and they are very simple.. and were not expensive.

They have really cute save the date cards as well.


Once I get everything picked out I am going to order the menu cards to match the invites as well .. and thank you cards!


I dealt/deal with Mercy.. But Mandie has another woman..."Christine"

But I just read in another thread that "Christina" is gone on family leave.... not sure if they are the same person or not. Also when I was trying to book my wedding my travel rep was trying to get a hold of someone there and they had a family emer. they had to leave for....

So with being short a person or two I am sure they are pretty busy!


I am a bit confused over the packages myself... I read on one site the DJ was included in the Divine package..  but it is not on the main site .. in another post on this site I was told they no longer offer the DJ in any package... I really like the menu on the divine package but I do not plan on using all that it offers..So I am torn.


I am hiring an outside photographer... I prefer to do my own hair and make up.,etc..

Now if I have to rent the sound system or hire a DJ... the price is really adding up.  ( I have heard there is a DJ in Punta Cana who is amazing.. I am going to check out his prices)

I do not like hidden costs and have read they appear out of no where and add up pretty quickly! I am the type I like to know cut and dry what I am getting and what the price is. I am trying to keep costs down as well... I want a nice wedding but nothing that is going to cost me the price of my first car! haha


So once Mercy emails me back I will try to get that info from her..  her last email told me the package I paid a deposit for didn't include a private dinner.. but I paid for the Now to Eternity package which does... Ahh  I am just going to let it be :-) It will all work out in the end.


What dates are you traveling?

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I just e-mailed my TA and told her that it would probably be easier to call the co-ordinator to ge the date secured. (thanks guys).

My TA also told me that the two co-ordinators at NOW are mercy and silvia?


Mandie- We've decided save the dates are definitely worth it for us to let our guest know ahead of time all the information.


Susan- I found a link through the other forums for wedding packages etc. On the one i found there was no mention of a dj. And from what i read it used to include a dj but then they substituted the dj for a soloist. http://www.amresorts.com/wedding_guides/nolpc-wedding-guide.pdf thats a link to the packages i found (not sure if there up to date).


For your photographer are you getting one from Dominican? I'm thinking about bringing one from here. I'd like to get my hair done by someone but yeah im with you on the makeup i would rather do it myself.


I think we're planning on just skipping out on the sound system and just bringing an Ipod with a dock and get a microphone hook up for it. I believe the package says you get the reception area for 3 hours and than after that you get charged. So after the 3 hours we will just move the party to one of the bars or lobby area.


From what i've read most of the "hidden costs" are add ons. Yeah we're in the same boat i want a nice wedding but don't want to have to spend an arm and a leg for it. We were torn between Eternity and Devine but I found the Devine package pretty much included everything you could want. I want to have our reception at the castways restaurant but im not sure if its private? or do you have to pay extra to have a private reception.


No matter how much we all stress our weddings are going to be amazing! We are travelling April 22-29. Susan and Mandie when are you both travelling?

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I emailed Mercy again last night just as a follow up.....fingers crossed on a reply.


I referenced these two links to find out which one was correct...


http://www.amresorts.com/media/QRG/qrg_nolpc.pdf  - this one that states last modified on April 17 2012 and states a DJ is included...


We have booked Phil Steingard from Ontario... I am so excited :-)



I thought for sure he would be booked but luck was on my side!

I was on the phone with him for over an hour last night planning everything out... he is like a wedding planner as well. He spends a lot of time in DR shooting weddings so he knows A LOT of the in and outs of it all...

I also read that the 24 pictures you get in the package is just ok.. nothing special.


I never though about bring my ipod dock.... even got a satellite radio dock that I could use. Hrmm something to thing about.

I did hear great things about DJ Mannia also.. lighted dance floor.. props ..and awesome music. But think they are approx. $900.



From what I found you do get a private reception with The Now to Eternity and Divine packages

• The Now to Eternity & Divine Wedding Packages includes:

• Use of banquet rooms and facilities.

• Hors dâ€oeuvres and cocktails for one hour (for 25 guests staying in the hotel), either the Silver or Golden dinner Menu (for 25 guests staying in the hotel)



And yes you can get Castaways:



• Castaways - Max 200 guests

• Beach - Max 500 Guests

• Pool Side - Max 100 Guests (buffet style only)

• Ballroom - Max 1000 guests ( can be divided into 8 sections)



I want pool side but not sure I want buffet... and not sure I can have a dance in that location. The beach is also another option... 

Our twins will be 18 months old at the time so I don't plan on taking them to the disco haha,  so we want the private dinner/dance :-)
Our ceremony is at 6pm on the beach, where we eat and dance is not something I am going to stress over.. We are going to make it fun where ever it is.


Once I get the info on what package includes what I can then make final decisions on what I really want for the extras. It may be cheaper to go with the "free" wedding and add on what I want.


We are traveling April 20 to the 27th. I do have most of my guests travel ling April 22 to 29 though from Newfoundland.

Wedding is April 24th at 6pm on the beach

Trash the Dress session is April 26 at the Majestic Elegance...

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Susan- Phil's pics are amazing that's awesome. We have to make an appointment tomorrow with our photographer. That definitely helps alot that he does work down there too eh.


Beach will be nice for the ceremony, and pool or beach would be awesome for the reception. Have you seen the pics of the reception on the beach it looks sooo nice!

We're thinking about doing the ceremony at the fountain and doing castaways for reception (Not sure if its buffet or if you choose the menu) We'd rather choose our menu than do a buffet too.


Where did you find the free wedding package? I didn't see that anywhere...hmm.

Well i'm sure we'll defnitely bump into each other while were down there :)

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Its on the main site..





Your Moments


"This package is complimentary when booking a Preferred Club Deluxe Partial Ocean View or higher for 7 nights or more or reserving 5 rooms at any category for minimum 3 nights. The complimentary Your Moments package is not combinable with other promotions, exchangeable for cash or other services."



I don't think I have seen those pictures yet...

The fountain is a beautiful set up... and I read you can get a walk way added.. but it is $$$


Oh I am sure we will see each other...  I heard the resort is just the right size.

My sister is planning a 80's girls night out for me before the wedding.. so if you don't see us you may hear us.. :-)


My invitations arrived yesterday I so should start addressing them ... fun times!

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Hi girls!  I'm getting married in January!  Been having the same problem as everyone else it seems with getting a response... I've been dealing with Silvia, and when she does respond - she's very thorough!  


I'm worried right now about the timing... Having a beach reception in the evening - but, I would like the party to last longer then till 10pm (which I read was the latest for the poolside reception) ...  But, also don't want to spend the EXTRAORDINARY fees to stay longer...  And $900 for the DJ??? EEK!   SOOooo  may switch it up to Castaways...  I DON'T KNOW - and its hard not getting any communication...


Haha... I'm usually the laid back one on here... But, its hard to get planning when you don't know where you will be!!


Ooohhh And LOVE Phil's work!! Soooo beautiful!!  If I can fit that into the budget.... He will be there - But, he's quoted me for $2600 ... Bit steep!


Anyways - This is a great place to figure things out!  Good luck ladies!!

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Hello everyone! I have tried for several weeks to get a hold of someone to check about availability with no response! So looks like i wont be getting married here :-(I Wedding is this december!

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Hi Donna ! Congrats!


You will be leading the way for the rest of us as you are getting married first in this thread :-)

I have read that all private functions are only for 3 or 4 hours... so no matter where you have it there will be a charge to go longer depending on when you start ... I read most brides just go to the club after it all.  I hate reading all the information and not knowing what is right and wrong...


For the photographer, I am not sure if Phil's nephew has lower prices, but his work is also amazing, he is Michael Steingard and you may want to also check out Jamie Dimitry.






They are all great photographers, besides the great pictures they don't charge you a travel fee if they are already going to be there. Huge Bonus!


Jamie just did a wedding in Punta Cana that a friend of mine attended and she said the pictures were just amazing, I haven't seen them but I trust her.

DJ Mannia was also at the same wedding and my friend said it was an awesome time .. and they only had a small group.


When I looked at photographers ( professional ones.. not just people with a good camera who think they are a professional photographer) .. most wanted starting at $3500 plus you pay all their travel expenses..  So not in our budget! :-)

I was a bit surprised that Phil was priced as low as he was.. especially for his work and the time he spends with you.

12 hours the day of the wedding ... then another 3 or 4 for trash the dress :-) Then 15 hours is dedicated to pictures once he gets back... and you can get upwards to 2000 pictures...


I have the resort picture prices if you didn't have it also if you just wanted to go with them.


I know I was emailing another bride who used an outside photographer that was based in Punta Cana and she was very pleased with her pictures and said it was a decent price. I will look for that email and post the info :-)



In the end we are all going to have amazing weddings.. I am not going to worry about things I have no control over :-)

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Photo information from a Bride that got married at Ocean Blue:




HDC photography did our pro pics, and I totally recommend them. We got their biggest package, which included 6 hours of photography, a dvd compilation, 100 page photo book, 300 4x6 photos, 30 8x10 photos and 5 12x16 photos, and all rights to make more photo copies. I think the package cost $1550, and we had the dvd and photos in hand before we left the island. (Such a relief having that all taken care of!) (My husband's cousin, also a wedding photographer, was there for the wedding and she said that none only did our photographer have better equipment, if she'd done that package for us, it would have cost at least $4500.)



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