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  1. I was married at Now Larimar April 2013 and honestly I couldn't have hoped for it to have gone any better. The resort isn't too small and isn't too big and all my guests were very pleased. We had 20 people stay with us for the full week. We all booked preferred rooms and I enjoyed the perks of being able to go to the castaways for meals. The private pool, wasn't as fun as the main pool but it was nice to go there for some down time. The beach is amazing and I love the fact that you don't have to wear wrist bands like you have to at other resorts in Punta Cana. The wedding cordinator was wonderful! 2 days before the wedding we had a meeting and went over all of our choices and discussed how the day would go. There was a chance of rain and she would give me updates every half hour on the weather and let me decide if I still wanted to do it outside. We chose to get married at the fountain. Cocktail hour on the beach and dinner on the terrace where the buffet is. We brought our own center pieces and welcome bags. The welcome bags consisted of Pepto, Advil, hand sanitizer, shampoos and stuff like that. We made a book with quizzes about us and who ever handed in the book first and got everything correct got a $50.00 Keg card (this was for the group to do on the plane.) The airport was a little hectic but we figured it out and they put us on a bus and brought us to the resort. We didn't have to wait to long before we were in our rooms. Now my MOH is getting married there May 2016:) Good luck!
  2. Well Q-Tips are always needed for many other things:)
  3. Q-tips you can get them at target or Walmart and they come in a pack of 20 in a clear Q-Tip case. I thought it was super cute and people will probably forget to bring them to clean their ears! LOL:) I just liked the container to be honest. Ahh the wedding playlist ... I tried so hard to do it and gave up. I decided to pay a DJ $100.00 to put it all on the IPod with the songs plus other recent popular songs so hopefully the playlist will be awesome compared to what I could have done. Lanyards... I've been looking for those, waterproof ones. Maybe I should just get the regular ones. I love the idea of having that for your room key and other random things. I can't believe how soon it is ... I remember when I was counting down at like 359 days or something and now 13. Seems so far still, but I know its not at all. The AboutTown was $1800.00 for a 28 person bus they pick us up in Windsor and we pick people up in London and Woodstock along the way. I never heard of them either until my travel agent recommended them, at first I was looking into greyhound, limos, school bus.. You name it LOL. What are the colours of your wedding? What does your dress look like? How many people are in your wedding party?
  4. Wow super close! I'm so excited, nervous, and a bit stressed but I know it will be beautiful! This is so exciting guys:) 15 Days until we leave!
  5. Thats awesome! We are doing the whole backyard reception too trying to get the deposit down for a tent before we leave and get that big stuff out of the as by the time we get back it will be the second week into May. 37 people is an amazing number! I was hoping 10 would come and we were lucky and 19 of friends and family are able to come. We also rented a bus but through AboutTown. What day do the people leave from BC ? My sister and her boyfriend is leaving from there on the 22 I believe she has to fly to Toronto then Toronto to Punta Cana. I can't decide on the centrepeices... We are struggling LOL we were trying to find something cheaper we could do as they are expensive and more money than we really want to pay. We have been going to Michaels and everything but this weekend we will stop at the Hoppy Lobby:P to check out what they have. What are you doing for yours? What do you have in your OOT Bags? We have put in a activity book with everyone pictures names and a little blurb about them so everyone knows who everyone is and we have puzzles/mazes/searches and each one spells a letter... Whoever can figure out that word will get $100.00 Keg card as something fun for them to do on the plane. We will hand them out on the bus. We also have the first aid kit,aloe, hand sanitizer, Q-Tips, Kleenex and that type of stuff.
  6. Is anyone dealing with the Preferred Section person? Like making dinner reservations for the week or anything of the sort? Just curious what everyone is doing. Also is anyone doing group excursions or just staying on the resort ?
  7. I never thought to even look at the Hobby Lobby, When ever I am in the states we always pass one too! We are staying for one week flying back home then taking off to Vegas from Detroit the day after we get back! We sure will be tired from our trips when we get backJ We decided just to go with the flowers from the wedding package but we upgraded my bouquet which came to $150.00 . I was looking into this bouquet place in Toronto and they did amazing work but they were very pricey and there was a wait. How many people do you have flying to Punta for your wedding? Are you having a AHR ? That’s awesome that you guys are from Windsor too! Are you flying from Toronto?
  8. I know I am too... I feel soo anxious about how everything will turn out! I have lots of little time consuming things left on my list! I'm going to start calling my house a sweatshop! LOL. When will you arrive in Punta Cana?
  9. I'm getting super nervous! Ahhh It seems so far yet so soon! Come on Aprillll
  10. Wow Donna... Your wedding looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures and info!
  11. Yikess...... I hope this doesn't affect anyone that have deposits down. Very concerned.
  12. Im attempting to get organized and have get a packing list so I can be more prepared! Thanks so much for all the ideas!
  13. Congrats Rachel:) I love Pintrest too! I am addicted... So many wonderful ideas! I agree about trip advisor it scared me at first but I stopped paying attention to it. Happy Planning:)
  14. i messaged the coordinator to see if the Beach and Carnival Terrace is still available for our date:) We have 19 people confirmed.
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