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Help! I am not sure who to tip and how much.

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I am really getting confused on all of the tipping.


I read that you shouldn't tip business owners, but what about the second shooter the photographer hires? And if they do get a tip what do I base that on and how do I give something to them and not the main photographer? 


Also my coordinator charges 15% on what she books. I am assuming I tip the people she books (guitarist who charges $175 and officiant, I am not sure of his cost since he is included in her $345 basic package). Do I still tip her? Do they get 20% tips? 


What about the coordinator at the restaurant that I am in contact with? Does she get a separate tip than the one on the bill at the end of the night? 


I just want to make sure we separate envelopes out for this ahead of time. Thank you!

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For us we didn't really tip many people.  We tipped our photographer and our wedding coordinators from the resort (we gave them small gifts rather then money). 

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