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Help me plan a "mini" itinerary - ROR

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Originally Posted by md_ocr View Post
Chicago, do you HAVE to switch to Mammee Bay? What if you prefer the layout of Plantation better than Mammee but you have under 50 people? Is it required that you have it at Mammee? If you do choose to have it at Mammee, is it free or do you still have to pay the $500/2 hours?
Well right now I think I have 40 people coming and supposedly a few more are booking. Either way though even if I do have under 50 I think I'll still keep it at the Plantation. I like the idea that it's private. I asked my sister about it too and she said it would be nice to have it in a private area even if we are a couple short of 50. I already have it reserved and I'm sure the resort won't mind if I'm a few short - they are still going to get $500 for the 2hours.

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Hi. I was wondering about itinerary's....if you really need them? Should you have something figured out when people are there? Or let everyone "fend for themselves"? How did everyone figure out what they wanted to DO with their guests. IE...how did you find out about a bonfire on the beach? Or, cocktail parties? Did you ask your WC at the resort??


I guess I think i should have SOMETHING planned for my guests...even something small. I like the idea of inviting people on an excursion...but that everyone pays their own way. If they want to come....how did you decide which day to do this? Did you book ahead?? (Sorry for all the questions...but i am still unsure about this.)



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I have been going back and forth with all of this myself so i finally just started polling my guests to see if they want/expect to have an agenda or if they just want to play it be ear. I got an overwhelming response that people just want to relax. So, here is what i'm planning:

Thurs- guests arrive and have a welcome cocktail hour at lobby bar to give out OOT bags

Fri- Relax or book your own excursion

Sat- Wedding at 11am, reception at noon, then free to do whatever the rest of the day. Then meet back at disco at 11pm to party- optional of course

Sun- Dunns River-optional

farewell dinner- optional

Mon- guests depart

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