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Our love story

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High School Years

My FI's name is Robert, and I've known him since I was 15 years old. We were born and raised in the same neighborhood, frequented the same hangouts, and shared a number of mutual friends, but didn't cross each others path until grade 9. He claims to have been in love with me since the instant our eyes met that first week in high school...I wouldn't call it love, but I certainly liked what I saw. His feelings for me were Riverdale Collegiate Institute worst kept secret. We were both teased relentlessly for it. Anyhow, Rob and I could never get our timing right. There were several girls in our school who liked him, and had nerve enough to say something. I regretfully, was not among those girls. Enter stage right my "first love", a term I use loosely. We dated for a 12 months, and I was heartsick when we broke up in my grade 11 year. I loved that loser from 16-30 and all he ever did was string me along, but I digress. Prom season rolled around and I hoped Robert would ask me...but he had a girlfriend at the time, foiled again! He wasn't my official prom date, but he followed me around like he was much to his girlfriends chagrin. Prom.jpg

Post-Graduation Life

Graduation came and went, time marched on, and life lead us down different paths. I had a baby in 03, he had a scholarship to play basketball stateside. One day while at the mall with my male bff, I spotted Robert in a store and was overjoyed. It was like high school all over again. There I was; heart racing, palms sweating, and laughing nervously. I introduced him to my bff, he assumed he was my boyfriend...then he uttered the most painful thing he's ever said to me "I'm engaged". I.Was.HURT! I felt like someone just knocked the wind out of me. I knew in that instant it was more than a crush, and my silence hadn't served me well. I smiled as big and as hard as I could and congratulated him. I hugged him, said our goodbyes and hurried out of the store before I went into melt down mode. He tried to contact me on facebook but I ignored his messages. I had no interest in meeting his fiancee, so I hit the delete button without much thought.


Good Ole Facebook

I was online in February of 2010 and FB reminded me that it was his 31st birthday. I went to his wall to leave my bday greeting, when I noticed his status updates came from a Blackberry. I wished him well, and send him a private message with my pin as I'd just bought a BB. He added me a few seconds later as I requested, and we've been in contact everyday, ever since. He told me he and his fiancee were no longer together, he caught her cheating, showed her the door and never looked back. I was secretly thrilled. He invited me to his bday party later that month...our first meeting in over 5 years. To say I was nervous is a gross understatement. When I arrived at the nightclub, my legs were actually trembling. They shook so badly I had to make a trip to the washroom. I stayed in the stall for 5 minutes doing breathing exercises to regain control of my body and emotions (LMAO). I finally joined the celebration, and the night was magical. He asked if I would do him honor of being his girlfriend in the wee hours of the morning and I agreed. We have been blissfully happy and inseparable ever since. Here are a few pics from that night.


Ring Shopping

I knew early in our relationship that he was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Likes grew to love, and we discussed marriage often. We went ring shopping for the first time in June. He took me to Spence diamonds so he could get an idea of what I liked. Of the 2000+ rings they have, only 2 caught my eye. They were pretty, but too expensive (over 10K) so we kept looking. He asked what my dream ring was and I told him I wanted a modern version of Princess Diana's ring since sapphires are my birthstone. He later took me to Engage Diamond Studio where I found exactly what I wanted. They even had "sample" sapphires in so I could pick the size and cut of my stone. I later found out those "samples" had been specially ordered as per Robert's request (Awe <3 the sneaky bugger). Ed (our salesman) wrote up a quote and we were on our way,


The Engagement

I told Rob I didn't want him making a big fuss over me. I wanted a simple, special engagement that was just for the 2 of us to share. Little did I know I was ruining his original proposal plan with my request. He'd made a few calls and was planning to pop the question in the classroom where we met in high school, in front of my entire family. He went back to the drawing board, and worked on plan 2. We were supposed to have our first date at The Keg, but our schedules didn't permit it. We set a date, and agreed that would be our special night out at our first date restaurant. He picked me up around 6, lillies in hand. I went back up to my apartment to put them in water. When I returned he said he had something else for me, but I had to close my eyes and turn around. I agreed. With my back to him i waited as he requested. I got anxious and turned to peak but was immediately scolded like a disobedient 6 year old lol. I waited for what seemed like an eternity until Rob told me I could look. When I opened my eyes, there was my beloved, on one knee, with tears in his eyes, a ring box in one hand and a cake in the other. 


He has a friend who owns a bakery, and had her make me a custom red velvet cake with a note on it. He says it's the note he never had the nerve to send me in high school...I mean honestly, how cute is this guy??? I made a few calls on the way to dinner. We celebrated with a fabulous steak and lobster dinner by candlelight



That`s our story in a nutshell. 


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now that's a heck of a love story!! how exciting that you two are finally together, and planning  your wedding. CONGRATS!!!! 



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