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  1. Agreed definitely without the bling looks more elegant and timeless
  2. Your dress is unbelievably amazing! So jealous you got your pronovias $300 off
  3. Just came to mind. But being a photographer in any of these destination wedding hotspots sounds like a sweet gig. You get paid for your work and a free nights stay at most likely an all inclusive resort. And probably several nights a week. Maybe it's time for a career change for me!
  4. I love your invitations. Just the right colours and the sunburst is so pretty. Are you doing any other things like thank you's, and timelines for bridesmaids, etc in the same design?
  5. They turned out amazingly! You made the right choice. I could only imagine how nervous you were
  6. Trivera5521 The most Amazing dress I have seen in a while! The original colour was wonderful, however there is just something about getting married in white that I couldn't give up either. Michelle11 Love the uniqueness of your dress, there is just something about it that says fresh and fun! AlexisinJamaica your dress is gorgeous, you look so elegant and sophisticated! My dress was Alma by Pronovias and was the second lightest in the store. On the big day however it was 42celsius/107 ferinheight outside and by the time the ceremony was over and the photos nearly done I had fainted. Dispite wanting to spend the entire day in my dress I had to take it off because I had gotten heat stroke and would not be able to go on while wearing it. I truly regret not getting a second lighter cocktail dress in white for this just incase moment that did unfortunatly happen to me. I was lucky though I did have a cute dress in my bag that was white, however never expected to wear it under those circumstances.
  7. I definatly found that because we are from a city that had no direct flights and the majority of our guests live in the same city that boosted the price up about $600 just for round trip transfer flights. Our guests paid I think it was $2300 for 7 nights at Dreams Riviera Cancun. A lot more expensive than we had bargained for and especially during off season.
  8. I walked down the aisle to the beyonce instrumental version of ave maria I'm sorry to the brides who love somewhere over the rainbow " by Hawian artist Israel Kamakawiwo" or IZ or whoever its by, but it was extremely over played the two weeks I stayed at my resort. Every day I heard a bride walk down the aisle to it. And then the first wedding I attend while back at home the bride chose the same song ! I mean its great if you love it, definatly go for it! It's all about your vision and your day, just that its been overdone
  9. We did not do a rehersal dinner per say, but we did try to have everyone attend dinner a few of the nights we were there. What I would recommend is A. Go early! The dinner resturants open around 6:30pm. B. If you send a single or two people to the restaurant to announce the amount of your party they will start to set tables aside (if this is already when dinner rush has begun, it could be upwards of an hour wait). C. DO NOT go to Seaside Grill for large parties. The restaurant is circular in shape therefore it is impossible for them to push together the tables so everyone can be seated together. D. Bordeaux, himitsu, el patio and portofino are your best options for a rehersal dinner. Good Luck and don't pay, Its ridiculous they would expect that.
  10. I was told not to worry about planning to early and when it was time to plan I was informed that there was another bride getting married the same day as me and she had chosen the ceremony location I wanted, the time I wanted, and the reception location I wanted. When infact I had booked my wedding and all guests well over a year in advance. I was extremely angry about this because I was told not to worry about details. In response to my anger however, I was given the Seaside Grill for my reception location for free. This turned out to be an even better location to have my reception, however, since they were using the restaurant tables instead of the ones I had planned measurements for I was short table decorations. My advice is to lock down your times and locations as soon as possible and to save the email so if a coordinator mixes things up and gives it away to another bride you have proof
  11. I recieved my photo book of our wedding first and the pictures were blurry, very dark (I'm an african american bride and this does me no justice what so ever) and we did not get to choose the layout of how the photo book was put together. When we recieved our trash the dress photobook, it was of much superior quality. The images were clear and the colour was spot on, as well as with a better quality cover. When I spoke to Anel about how much better this trash the book when compared to my wedding album. Her reply was that the wedding photobook was a part of a package therefore lower quality, as I had actually paid for a trash the dress session I recieved a better quality photobook. However both my mother and mother in-law paid for our wedding photobook on their own and recieved the lower quality version. This was never explained to me and was not allowed to upgrade any of the wedding photobooks. My recommendations, if you want the better quality photobook insist on it and if there is a difference in price I strongly recommend it. As well insist that you have some input in the layout of the photobook. You might be able to choose which photos you like, but one that you really like might be added as a small 1inch x 1inch photo in the book when you really wanted that photo to be a whole page worth.
  12. I agree my video was of very poor quality. When friends asked to see it who were not there I was embaressed to show them because of the quality. There was music (that I did not pick) throughout the ENTIRE video. Even the part where we said our vows. A huge disappointment and will probably never watch.
  13. We booked the most basic room and then was upgraded upon arrival to Preferred club suite ocean front. Then for our last 3 nights we were upgraded again to the Presidential suite. I have no idea why we were upgraded twice but it was great. We stayed for 2 weeks so that could have something to do with it.
  14. We used the extra room for the guests who weren't staying at the hotel to come to and put their stuff because they were coming early in the morning to enjoy the hotel and to get ready in as well. However you only get it till 4:00pm so your stuff has to be out at that time. The room was no problem in getting, except we had to ask for it, I don't think they would have just offered it. So definatly inquire ahead of time if you want the room.
  15. We got our photo book while we were still at the resort. If we were staying only 1 week though I think it would be mailed out to us. We also got a disc with all of our photos. If you like to upload photos to Facebook and other social media sites ask for low res and high res of the same photos. The low res ones you are able to upload to social media sites and the high res ones you can print off for yourself. Also ask if you can arrange your photos in the photo book how you want because they send it out to a company who pics and chooses your photos for you, this way you will have more control of what you'd like.
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