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Want Capiz Shell Curtains!!

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Have you checked out this site: http://www.shopwildthings.com


Do a search for "capiz shell curtain"




Blue and Green Capiz Shell Curtain









If the link doesn't work, then from the Home page click on PRODUCTS MENU, then on the right hand column CAPIZ SHELL ITEMS. There are strands on the 2nd page.


If your budget allows for it and this shade of blue, they have a Turquoise Chandelier for $85.00 which could be a fantastic backdrop in case the curtains don't work...





Also, if you have the DIY time, here's an article on how to make faux capiz shell curtains using tissue paper and modge podge!




Good luck!


~ E

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Thank you for your help! I did go to shopwildthings.com (they don't have the ones I want in stock) and World Market (went to see them in person and they are a dark blue and dark green...more green than blue).


You gave me a great idea just to get the strands...easier transportation (wouldn't have to ship!)


So thank you for that! I wish they had a turquoise color :(  Ill keep looking..still have time!


Thanks again!!!


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