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Kimberli1211's Planning Thread- Lots of pics & DIYs!

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So I feel it's finally my time to put my energy into a planning thread.... Enjoy! :)


Our Story:


My Fiance and I met about 8 1/2 years ago in college, and after finally forcing him to go to a party with me, we have been dating for the last 6 1/2 years. I enjoy the part where I asked him out! Haha! We now have a 5 year old daughter together, and can't wait to finally all share the same name! She refers to it as "our wedding." ;)


The Engagement:


We were engaged on Thanksgiving of last year. The proposal story always makes me laugh because it's so normal and mundane. I've never had much of a thing for Thanksgiving, and I love that he found a way to make it special. We had Thanksgiving at our house and my mom took our daughter home with her so we could do Black Friday shopping the next day. We were sitting around on the floor looking at fliers and watching The Simpsons Movie, when he just started acting odd. He walked back into the room and told me he needed me to stand up, and then my phone rang. I went to answer it and just had the feeling something was up. I dawdled a little, and then went back into the room, where he proceeded to drop to his knee and ask me (with the Simpsons playing in the background.) Haha! It went from our normal life to such a special moment, just like that. We spent the rest of the night in bliss, playing speed Scrabble together. 


** My favorite part of the story happened a few weeks earlier. I came home from work one day, and my daughter said "Mom, guess what?! We bought you a ring today!!" To which her daddy replied, "Um, no we didn't, what are you talking about?" Ha! Of course I had to ask her about it later, and she told me they went to a store, and the lady there put it in a box. My fiance always insisted on keeping me completely in the dark as to any engagement plans. I love that such a cute little girl foiled his plans!


The Resort:


We decided to go through Destinationweddings.com, since I was completely overwhelmed with choosing a resort. Overall, they have been good, but I don't think I would make the same choice again. I think we could have gotten someone much more attentive with a local travel agency. We wanted to give everyone a year to plan, so we are getting married at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites in Montego Bay, Jamaica, on December 6, 2011. We will be staying there for 6 nights and 7 days, with 17 of us going in total. We can't wait!!!


The Dress:


Allure 8766



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My Lovely Bridesmaids:


I'm going with malibu blue, chartreuse green, and white as my colors. Both of my bridesmaids chose different dresses in the same color. 




This dress will be in Malibu blue as well, this is just the color they had for her to try on:






Dresses are David's Bridal. 





Ordering from Studiosuits.com- I'll post pics when we get them!



Some color Examples:


My apologies for the mess in these pics- took them at my mom's house. ;)


I ordered these as samples from efavormart.com. Overall I was happy. The prices were great. Seams were not always perfect, but I decided for the price it wasn't that big of a deal. I ended up buying all of my sashes, napkins, and table runners from them in turquoise and sage green.




Chair sashes in apple green, turquoise, and sage green. 





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Not the best pics, but I have not been able to get better ones. All my pics are with my iPhone, because it's always handy!


These are Badgley Mischka Humbie II in Smoke.









Hair comb:















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Flower girl dress:


$50 with shipping from flowergirldressforless.com. I was happy overall. PS the camera glare showed up in every pic! Argh!





Reception Dress:


I bought a dress.... FINALLY..... from Frederick's of Hollywood about a week ago. I swear I must have gotten the last one! I'll post a pic when I get one, but WOW was I happy to finally find something I liked!! ;)


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Alright, now that all the "formalities" are done with... I can get down to the FUN part!!! DIY! I have a ton of projects going right now, so I'll post as I finish them, or sometimes as they are a work in progress.


First, here are some flowers I've made lately. I'm trying to decide, but I'm going to make my daughter and bridesmaids sashes with three of the same type of flower on them.




This is what I'm thinking of going with:






My DIY candle project:


I picked these candles up from Ikea, as well as the glass holders, for less than $5 total I believe. 




Here is the step-by-step:



(Wrap tea-lights in double sided tape and peel off the outer layer.)



(wrap ribbon onto tape around candle)



(Place inside holder)



(Place a few small pieces of double sided tape horizontally around the middle and wrap second ribbon. Paper flowers came from Michaels. Other embellishments could also be used. I still plan on putting clear rhinestones in the middle of these flowers. :)


Second DIY candles:




These candles came from efavormart.com. 12 for $7 I think.






(For these I just placed 4 separate pieces of double sided tape. They are slightly taped, so a full line of tape wouldn't lay nicely. Then I placed the ribbon and flower.)



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Money/ID/Room key holders:


There's probably a way easier way to do this than using Word, BUT I do what I know. This is originally how I had them 

formatted (with color) but I decided to take the color out and add it in with colored paper. I formatted a 2x3 text box and 

added in each word in it's own text box so I could manipulate them as needed. Once you learn how to make the text boxes and 

choose 'no fill' and 'no outline' there isn't much you can't do with it. When I had it the way I liked it, I grouped them and copied and pasted to cover the page. Like I said, there's probably an easier way, but OH WELL!!! ;) I will share this template if anyone wants it.




Here is my final version- trimmed and ready. I printed on shimmer paper out of my printer. I trimmed the cardstock 

(shimmer Bazil) to 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches:





I then bought the lanyards and waterproof ID holders from Specialist ID through Etsy. I think they ended up costing me 

$1 each with shipping. Guests can also take the strap of the lanyard off and just attach straight to their bag or swimsuit as well.


Finished product:


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Great job! Love the dress and your DIY flowers.

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Yet to come on my DIY list:


-metallic painted shells


-my garter

-bachelorette and bridal shower invites and decor 

-ribbon decorated guest book

-bridesmaids jewelry

-menus and programs

-crystal initialed makeup bags for my female guests

-luggage tags for all guests

-preparation newsletter and travel itinerary

-place cards


And anything else I add in the next 7 weeks!!! Time to get busy! pinkie.gif

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