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Hey Y'all !!


My name in Andrea and I am getting married at Dreams punta cana in November but I'm seriously considering changing for Now Larimar.


One of the reasons is that Dreams only do sit down diner for 50 people or less and I am at 56 people and still going up ( wasn't expectling so many people ) or else I have to take the buffet which is more expensive.


In the Now Larimar pamphet it's written up too 100  guests sit down diner but I read on 2 or 3 pages back a bride mentioning she is more then 50 and starting to panic on having to take the buffet... So I am confused. Is there a new policy and they didn't change it in the pamphet ??

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Welcome!  The pamphlet is unfortunately wrong.  It seems that they have not done a lot of updating of their literature since many things have changed in the last several months.  My understanding is that 50 people and above are required to have the buffet dinner, and it is a higher cost at NOW as well. Since both NOW and Dreams are run by AMresorts, I do believe their wedding packages are similar if not the same.  Check out the other thread on here for NOW-New resort opening-NOW Larimar, there is tons of great info on there.  Good luck!

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Hi Ladies,

My wedding is less than 3 weeks away at the Now Larimar resort! I've been following everyone's posts and participating (not as much as I should sorry) over the last several months. Congrats to all the brides who recently were married at the Now Larimar and thank you so much for sharing so much information, pictures, etc. I am excited to put the finishing touches on my wedding plans and finally be in Punta Cana!! As you all know its been challenging througout this process due to the lack or communication and the back and forth with pricing and options available. I just wanted to say to those who are yet to solidify there wedding details that you should try to negotiate pricing as much as possible and get everything in writing if you can. We started our process with Claribel and once she left things quickly turned into a nightmare. Just trying to get people on the phone or replies via email was much too much effort in my opinion for a bride to have to put forth for their wedding when they are paying a good amount of $$$. Mercy has been as helpful as she can be but it took several phone calls, emails, and even contacting AM resorts general management to finally start getting the answers we were looking for. With 3 weeks out we still have a good amount of details to sort out but Im putting my trust in Mercy to make it all come together and have it be an amazing experience in the end.


As for suggestions for vendors: You can always use outside vendors, dont let them tell you otherwise. The hotels prices are nearly double what some of the other vendors charge and even if you have to pay a vendor fee, it will still end up saving you $.


My suggestions for vendors are the following.


Photo/Video: HDC- great reviews, very personable, and had great rates on both video and photography packages (try to negotiate a higher discount then they offer if you're getting a photo/video package through the)


Florist: El Tronco Floristeria (Rosa is amazing but if you dont speak spanish it may be a bit challenging. I would send an email in English and immediately follow up with a phone call to make sure they received it)


DJ: DJ Mannia had very reasonable prices and they are even providing my table linens and chair bows for the reception (a third of what the hotel wanted to charge me....$5 a napkin and $25 a tablecloth is ridiculous!!!)


My fiance speaks Spanish which has truly been a huge help trying to get through to people at the hotel as well as negotiate with hotel and vendors.. I suggest if you know someone close that can speak the language it may be a big help to you as well.


I did as many DIY projects as I could to keep costs down and I am bringing two suitcases to get welcome bags, extra decorations, etc. down to the DR as was suggested to avoid shipping stuff down there at all costs. Im curious as for those who have shipped stuff down before their wedding how that turned out?!?!


Best of luck to everyone who has begun planning their dream wedding at the Now Larimar... I hope planning for your special day is a wonderful experience. Persistence in communicating and follow up really seems to be the key with planning a destination wedding!


We're having a large wedding (appx 100 people) during their busiest week of the year so I'll be sure to follow up with the details of my April 20th wedding and how everything came together!!!









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Hi Kimberly!
You must be so excited that your wedding date is almost here :)  I'm sure you're crazy busy, but thanks for taking the time to post your advice thus far.  My wedding is not til November, but I also have a pretty large group (60+) so I will be looking forward to hearing your review when you get back!  Have an incredible time!!!

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Wow Kimberly, that's alot of guests.  I'll be there tomorrow with our measly 57 (LOL).


I did want to let you all know that you can do plated service for a few over 50 but it's an additional charge per person.


Everything we're taking decor wise fit in one suitcase - way more than I originally planned.  My centerpieces are luminaries and pearl strands (I think the pictures are on the other Larimar thread). I may have offered already but if anyone wants me to leave them there for them to use please let me know.  We're leaving in the morning so PM me and I will get notification.


If you want sneak peaks of pics I'll be posting some on Facebook I'm sure! (Alana McClure). I'll be sure to come back and leave more details after.





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