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  1. I am still in the process of writing my review as well. I agree with Inga... my wedding was amazing but the resort was a bit of a pain in the butt to deal with for a lot of it!
  2. We just got home from our wedding and honeymoon a few days ago. Still in the process of getting caught up on everything around here, but I promise to post and tell you ladies all about our experience very soon!
  3. Hi Maggie! I was in the same boat as you about a year ago, trying to decide between Dreams and Now. We almost went with Dreams Punta Cana, as we absolutely love their wedding gazebo area, but parts of the resort don't look as modern as we'd like. We went back and forth but in the end decided to go with the newer more intimate resort. What are your pros/cons, or important factors? Are you leaning in one direction more than the other right now? If so, then you should probably just trust your gut!
  4. Yes, we are debating between doing the package or customizing our own, since we are supplying own photographer and music as well. Does anyone know how much they charge for the tall glass cylinder vases? What about charger plates? Just trying to decide what is better to buy here vs. rent there.
  5. The $5000 fee to use a restaurant for dinner is insane for sure! I'm just curious if that charge includes the food and beverage/use of regular menus of that particular restaurant or if you still have to pay for whatever buffet or plated meal service plus bar on top of the $5000?
  6. Hi Mandie, Thanks for the informative post. Just curious if you (or anyone else) knows where the 3rd photo location is at on the resort? I'm guessing it's the Eclipse Nightclub terrace? We're pretty set on having our ceremony at the fountain, I was just curious though because I haven't come across any ceremony or reception set-up photos in the Eclipse venue yet.
  7. Hi Dawn! I'm a November NOW bride too. What are your travel dates?
  8. Thank you so much for sharing your pics!! You looked gorgeous on your wedding day, and it looks like everyone had a blast Congratulations!!
  9. Cake is so overrated! LOL I wish it was not customary to have one.
  10. Hi Kimberly! You must be so excited that your wedding date is almost here I'm sure you're crazy busy, but thanks for taking the time to post your advice thus far. My wedding is not til November, but I also have a pretty large group (60+) so I will be looking forward to hearing your review when you get back! Have an incredible time!!!
  11. Hi Lmb28! You definitely CAN just show up and let the resort take care of it all, but if you are at all picky about certain details then you'll probably want to get involved in the process
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