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  1. We probably saw each other and didn't realize it.. I was looking out for you but there were soooo many people there
  2. Hi.. I had my ceremony music on a cd and they played it for me during the ceremony and my party music during the cocktail hour
  3. Hi ladies... my wedding was on yesterday October 8th and it was simply amazing! The staff is super nice but I did encounter a few hiccups (like the housekeeper stealing my engagement ring!!!) then I was taking pictures and took a step back and fell into the fountain in front of the explorer club for kids!!!. All that happened the day prior to the wedding but I did get my ring back.. the housekeeper came into the room and threw it on the floor (guess she didn't think we saw her)...I didn't suffer serious injury from falling into the fountain but I'm still in a little pain..... Luisa was my WC and is extremely nice and helpful!!! Despite the issues I had I'm happy everything else worked out great... I did see Skygirl, she looked so beautiful...we saw each other as we were being transported to our ceremony destination. This is all I have from my phone so far.. more to come when I get pics from photographer on Thursday.. Oh.. we used HDC, Milan was the photographer and he was excellente!!! Make sure you all tr y the Mama Juana!!!
  4. I will most definitely share Donna... I'm very excited yet stressed and a nervous wreck!
  5. A week from today I will be in the DR getting prepared for my wedding October 8, 2012.... Yay!!!!
  6. Hi ladies....Anyone having nightmares about their wedding??? I've had two dreams over the weekend about my wedding not going as planned and thinking I should have scheduled it in December 2012... I know I have 5 months left but I'm feeling so much anxiety!
  7. @Vizionme101 I totally understand where you are coming from however I really want this special moment in my life captured on photos and film but everything its just so costly. I wish someone within my guest knew how to do those things so I won't have to worry as much. I too plan on having a reception at home, I'm thinking January 2013.
  8. @Vizionme101 Who did you choose for your photographer/videogtrapher/dj? My fiance and I both will have our carry on bags filled with decor, I'm also going to put some things in my seven year old daughters bag just incase I need more space. I just purchased my bridesmaids coral calla lillies yesterday, they are so pretty! They are made from latex...looks real! I have to cut the stem a little and add some pretty ribbon. I'll post the end result once I get them done. I'm thinking I'm gonna do the flower girl baskets for my daughters..may even get them to help me!
  9. @Vizionme101 I've always wanted to have a destination wedding because I thought it was less hassle, stress, and least expensive...so far I'm wrong! It is very stressful bc you aren't actually there making decisions, everything is being planned via email or phone and not to mention the increase in price for the decor and other extras are outrageous. I do know that I'm spending more than I thought I would but I figure I'm still doing better than I would if I were having a traditional wedding at home. Honestly its all in what you make it. You don't have that much longer! Are you exited???
  10. @ AcutieRN... Thank you! I just want to get as much done as possible so that I won't have that much stress piled on me the closer I get to my wedding date. I'm in search for some ivory ballet slippers for my daughters and I to wear as we walk down the ceremonial aisle on the beach, any suggestions? Would someone tell me what are OOT bags... I've assummed, they are gift bags for guests but I wanna know exactly what they are.
  11. @skyegrl Sorry just checking the forum... I know we've spoken already but the time if my ceremony is 5pm on the beach and my colors are ivory, pool blue, and coral.
  12. Hello ladies.... I've already become acquainted with Skygrl... We are both actually getting married on the same day October 8, 2012 and I must say I never expected planning a dedtination wedding would be so stressful. My FI and I have chosen to have our legal ceremony on the beach and our reception at the poolside. I've purchased a few of the items for the reception table centerpieces and I'm going to get my BM's bouquet and GM boutineer made at home with silk flowers. I want to do as much diy projects as I can to cut down cost because the resorts's pricing is way too expensive!!! My WC Sylvia is truly awesome, her response time is outstanding. She had actually called new a few times just to make sure we are on the same page. I am however compiling all of our conversations via email into a folder that I will print out maybe a day or two before our trip to ensure that there is no miscommunication anywhere. My TA did advise us early on that we would have to be on the island three days prior to our wedding and that the weekend doesn't count so we scheduled our flight accordingly. I've sent the salon pictures of how how I would like my hair and they assured me that they would be able to give new the desired style. My level of excitement is starting to kick in!!! I still have alot more decor to order in hopes to have it all done by August so that I can relax a few months before my big day. Congrats to all of you and if you would like to email me feel free tiamsavage@gmail.com
  13. Hi... My fiance and I are getting married at The Now Larimar October 8, 2012 my email is tiamsavage@gmail.com please keep me posted on how everything went for you and good luck and many blessings on you special day.
  14. Greeting and congrats to all tbe future brides.... My name is Tia and my fiance and I are getting married at The Now Larimar in Punta Cana DR on October 8, 2012. We have a wonderful destination wedding specialist by the name of Amarjit with Give Me A Break Travel (amarjit@givemeabreaktravel.com) she is very informative and attentive towards anything relating to our wedding plans. She did have issues getting into contact with Mercy in the wedding coodinator department, however we have gotten that all squared away. So far we have paid for our flights, made a deposit towards our stay at the resort, and paid our deposit on The Now To Eternity Wedding package. I don't feel as though their packages offer enough perks for the price and I've sen the prices of what their videographer charges and I think its outrageous. I'm hoping by the time if our wedding hopefully someone in our wedding party knows how to properly record our ceremony. If anyone has been there before or already gotten married there would you please send me some pictures of the various areas where the felonies actually take place? I've requested this from the WC but I haven't received a response yet. I'm also really concerned about the hair/make up stylist and I have requested a copy if some work from their portfolio. my email address is tiamsavage@gmail.com and my travel dares are from Oct 4, 2012 til Oct 14, 2012
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