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  1. Hey ladies! We just made it home this weekend from the most amazing trip, once in a lifetime! Do not stress about NOW Larimar! Our wedding was absolutely stunning, and Mercy is an angel. We had the wedding beachside, it was a bit windy, but I just tucked my veil under my arm during the ceremony and it was perfect. All of our guests were thankful for the wind as it kept it cool. JB March, can't believe I never ran into you. The resort was a bit bigger than I expected. I kept an eye out though! Sfra, we got married the same day! I didn 't even see you guys, but I did see your reception.
  2. Alana, that's ok. It all worked out, I ended up finding some similar at save-on-crafts! They should be here in time:) Skygirl: We are doing the Divine package as of right now. That may end up changing to the middle package once we get there though. We only have 20 people coming and we can't figure out if it is really worth it to do the higher package. We are taking everyone out for a nice dinner the night before the wedding on LaBaracaza and we felt like the only reason we were doing divine is because of the upgrade in meal to platinum. Since we are taking them for a great dinner
  3. That is too bad Angel's is booked. I am sure your girl will do great though! I would just make sure you get her to forward you (or since you live so close show you) some proofs before you pay the entire amount to her. Especially if you are having a bigger order with centerpieces and bridesmaid flowers. The one I ordered through Angel's is a special "destination wedding" order that just includes the bride and groom. I think that is the only time they will do less than the $450 order. I think my bouquet was supposed to be 12-14 inches, and I think it is that! I am not doing centerpieces. W
  4. Oh, and Skygirl, thanks for the idea of alternating sash colors! I actually found some at save on crafts and they should be here this week. Even with purchasing new ones and upgrading shipping it is going to be cheaper than renting from resort! She said they would charge me $3 per sash per chair at the wedding ceremony and then again for the reception. No way!
  5. Skygirl: This is what I did! I ordered from Angelsaccents and could not be happier. The bouquet is stunning and looks real. From the photos I have seen of the real bouquets that the resort provides, there is no comparison in size. Mine is huge, stunning. I am actually a bit worried about carrying it on with me, I was hoping it would fit in my dress bag! I am not sure how big the ones at the resort are, but they told me they would not split it into 2 or even into wrist corsages for that matter. I am just using it as extra decoration on the table. I am just getting other flowers in my pa
  6. Ok girls, I have been reading a bunch but I still can't get a good consensus. I am thinking about doing my first Brazilian one week before my wedding. What does everyone think about this? I don't tend to get ingrowns, and not very sensitive in terms of rashes. I am just a brunette with olive skin, so you know how fast that stuff grows, ha ha. The question is should I do it the first time right before my wedding? I'm nervous because some of these horror stories! I live in Denver and wouldn't have a problem finding someone reputable. Help!
  7. I can't agree with the "you are what you eat" statement more! I have lost 47 lbs since last July (I'm only 5'1) and it all came down to what I ate! I really did eat the same thing day in and day out which consisted of protien and veggies as well.I had been on weight watchers for years and couldn't understand why I kept gaining not losing! It was def not a clean diet for me. I also ramped up the cardio and started to include lots of weights and interval cardio, and wow, what a difference. I am down to the last two weeks and can't believe that clean eating has transformed me. Good luck and
  8. @Prettyfinebrown: Welcome! Sounds like you are getting much more response already than most of us have in the last year! That is great. Sounds like you are way ahead of the game. Congrats and happy planning. I am wondering if any of the April brides may be able to help me. I know several of us are going to be there at the same time. I arrive Saturday night the 14th and we are being married Tuesday the 17th. I ordered my chair sashes months ago and they came in, no problem. I opened the packages to iron them today and upon closer inspection, they are totally different colors! They
  9. HI! I am in a bind, my sage green chair sashes came in and 10 were one color green and 10 were another color! The shop won't respond to me. I leave for my wedding in exactly two week and I need some chair sashes now! Would you consider selling the sashes separate at this point? Could you PM me pics just to make sure they are close in color? I would be willing to pay to upgrade shipping depending on how much you are asking for them. I just don't want to pay the resort 3$ per sash! Thanks Amber
  10. Sani, Welcome! The reception dinner is a bit stressful currently. We also only have 15 guests. I was also planning on doing a non private dinner at one of the resturants. I was told that we could do so, but there would be no guarantee that we would all be seated together at the same time or in the same area of the resturant. The other negative for me was that we had to pick food from a fixed menu from that resturant and all of our guests had to eat the same thing even though we may not have been seated together. For me, I felt like I wanted the security of us all sitting together so I
  11. Andrea: Welcome! The pamphlet is unfortunately wrong. It seems that they have not done a lot of updating of their literature since many things have changed in the last several months. My understanding is that 50 people and above are required to have the buffet dinner, and it is a higher cost at NOW as well. Since both NOW and Dreams are run by AMresorts, I do believe their wedding packages are similar if not the same. Check out the other thread on here for NOW-New resort opening-NOW Larimar, there is tons of great info on there. Good luck!
  12. Alana, No, I am so glad you shared it here. I love seeing what everyone else is doing. It looks like you have everything together and ready to go! I can't believe the hotel overbooked by 100 rooms. My Travel Agent said not to worry because my group has a contract so they won't be able to kick us to another resort. That being said, we do have a few guests who booked on their own and she said they may be bused to another resort. That would be awful. They have messed up a bit of stuff it sounds like. Is your reception dinner private at the Castaways? If so, how did you get that? I wa
  13. Hey Girls, Alana, we are in the same boat. We will be arriving April 14th and our wedding is the 17th. The hotel is so overbooked that they have downgraded all of us to garden views from ocean views and it seems that none of us are in the same area of the resort. This is awful because I have two grandma's who were helping two couples out with baby care coming and their rooms were supposed to be side by side. No longer.And to make matters worse, they are supposed to reinburse us the money we paid for the upgrades and they have stated they have yet the money is no where to be found on any o
  14. Ahh, I have been wondering the same thing...anyone know about tipping? How about how much to tip the wedding coordinator? I am so bad at that stuff, should just leave it up to my FI
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